Empowerments by HCF foundation

Empowerments by HCF foundation.

This last Saturday, in our numbers, we set out to impact our community through our humanitarian programme. With many gift items, we visited the Bab-Es-Salam orphanage in Ikeja GRA metropolis. We were welcomed with open arms as we identified with the management of the orphanage and the kids in the home.

This orphanage has produced a lot of doctors, lawyers, engineers etc. This to us is fundamental to our core objective of giving opportunity to less privilege people to actualize their dreams and aspirations in full without any impediment. Our team was marvelled at the brilliance of the director of the orphanage who less the sacrifice of managing the home would have excelled in any other field he so chooses. The happiness in the faces of the kids is contagious and we all were proud to have been part of their day.

This is humanity, this is what we must continue to do to be our brothers keeper, to love each other irrespective of our differences, to care for each other without expecting anything in return. At Hathany Cosmos Foundation, ( HCF ) this is our way of life and we’ll continue to scale height helping others, raising generation, returning kids to school, reintegrating kids into family life.

This and other programs are seen accomplished by HFC foundation, led by the CEO itself, Hathany Cosmos. They’ve impacted a lot of people, both Veterans and widows in EKITI STATE as well. Not to mention COVID 19 aids program to three other States in the country.

Thank you all for making humanity better. Thank you for being part of history.

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