My people, I give thanks By Expensive

My people, I give thanks

How time flies! It is today already a year ago that you the great people of Akure South and Akure North trooped out in large and willing numbers and entrusted me with a mandate to represent your yearnings and desires in the 9th National Assembly.

To say the least, your love, dedication and passion for qualitative representation; your indomitable spirit and your trust in me have been in ample evidence. You have stood by me and given me courage as I strive to attract and provide the dividends of democracy to our great constituency.

No doubt, you have seen what we have been able to do since then, but this is only just the beginning. Together we will labour hard and achieve our earnest desires. I am fully cognizant of your wish for a better quality of life and that precisely is what we shall together achieve.

Your love continues to humble and inspire me.

May God bless you and your families. Thank you so very much!!!

Hon Omolafe isaac Adedayo

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