Ondo State is undoubtedly one of the safest states today not only in the South West of Nigeria, but in the entire nation. The guaranteed security of lives and properties being experienced in Ondo State cannot be divorced from the determination of Governor Akeredolu to ensure that the people of Ondo State sleep with their two eyes closed.

Kidnapping for ransom that was before now a regular occurrence in Ondo State had since been curbed through the determined effort of Aketi. The governor’s resilience and doggedness to protect the lives and properties of his people is worthy of commendation. Formidable security architecture has since been emplaced in Ondo State by Akeredolu to allow the people go about their lawful businesses without let, fear or hindrance.

Also worthy of commendation is the display of courage by Akeredolu on matters that affect the lives of the people. He has so far embarked on procurement of communication gadgets and made logistics provisions for all the security agencies in Ondo State.

Displeased with the pockets of security breaches across the South West states in recent time, Aketi as the Chairman of South West Governors Forum championed the creation of South West Security Networks, otherwise known as Amotekun. The regional security outfit is to secure the lives and properties of all residents in the South West region.

All the South West Governors under the aegis of South West Governor Forum which Akeredolu is the Chairman braved all odds to ensure that creation of Amotekun was not given a stillbirth end. Aketi had determinedly challenged the powers that be and fought tooth and nail to ensure that Amotekun becomes a reality.

Arakunrin Akeredolu had made it known to all that cares to listen that
the South West governors under his chairmanship are prepared to give whatever it takes to ensure the security of lives and properties of the people in the region. He equally reiterated that the provision of efficient security network in the mould of Amotekun is the best way to ensure the security of lives and property of the people in the South West.

Dogged efforts had been made by Akeredolu to provide legal framework for Amotekun in the six concerned South West states. Legislative bills for the creation of Amotekun is already before all the states House of Assembly in the South West. He had also lamented that the security situation in the country has assumed a worrisome dimension to get everyone deeply concerned.

Similarly, Aketi has called for the decentralisation of the command structure of the Police in Nigeria in a manner that would enable the security of the people reflect their peculiar problems. He posited that this appears the only way to confront the rising security concerns in the nation.

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