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Olujimi Adekanle JAF

World Leaders,
Nigerians in diaspora,
Nigerians at home,
Canadian friends, and
Gentlemen of the Press,

We the representatives of Concerned Nigerians in Canada are gathered here today to make known our fears on the leadership and government of General Mohammed Buhari in Nigeria.

Events and *heartbreaking contingencies* in our dear nation as a result of gross incompetence of the Buhari led administration which can no longer be tolerated judging by the humongous negative effect they are having on our nation Nigeria.

We unequivocally submit that Buhari’s government has failed in all departments of governance; *Security, Economy, Educational Sector, Social welfare, rule of law and others too numerous to mention*.

“Buhari has become nothing but a puppet in the hands of his cabal”. Who else should know him more than his wife, *when she said, the administration has been hijacked by strangers*

The recent infighting between the National Security Adviser General Monguno(rtd) and Buhari’s Chief of Staff Abba Kyari is a RED SIGNAL that all is not well with Nigeria Security system. Buhari have totally lost it. What a shame!

Nigeria went in search of solution and elected a problem. Today we have graduated to the third position in the global terrorism index after Syria and Iran. With over 27,000 deaths recorded by Boko haram as at 2019 and more deaths recorded by Fulani herdsmen bandits according to Global Terrorism Index submission. This ofcourse you will agree with us is still far cry from the actual death toll as the government struggled daily to toll down the death-account with specific instructions and threats by the communication apparatus of Buhari government headed by Mr Lai Mohammed and the Nigerian Broadcasting Corporation. It is quite disheartening that Buhari government has not only continued to play the ‘deaf and blind’ but encouraged his tribesmen to thrive in our nation through wanton destruction and desecration of lives and properties. Where exactly is the hope of struggling to school our children in the midst of lack and mere herders armed with sophisticated weapons and knives sniffing lives out of our children and Nigeria’s future. Till date Buhari security apparatus including the DSS is yet to tell Nigerians and the world who are the faces behind fulani banditry.

*What is obvious to the whole world is that General Buhari* and his cohorts have continued to engage in lethargic divisive ethnic and sectarian sentimentality with alarming impunity.

The late well respected statesman Abraham Lincoln said ” *To sin by silence when they should protest, makes men coward”*. We have noticed that those elites and revered leaders who have one time or the other championed the struggle against bad governments in Nigeria have become compromised and gone comatose.

We can no longer entrust our collective destiny in the hands of such wicked leaders and therefore call on *Patriotic Nigerians all over the world to rise up to this occasion and join us to resist General Buhari’s kakistocracy*

Buhari’s government has shown and remained in the last 5 years a government with solutions that are far worse than the problems.

How more irrational can a government asking for a Ministry of Boko *Haram to be signed into law be*?

We can not but *appreciate the effort of compatriots such as Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, Gen T.Y Danjuma , Emir Sanusi Lamido, Senator Shehu Sani, Sheik Gumi , Comrade Yele Sowore , Comrade Deji Adeyanju, Comrade Aisha Yusuf who have remain steadfast in their stand against Buhari’s government of Nepotism and recklessness*

*To Nigerians who have been oppressed and depressed by Buhari’s led administration, we say Just HOLD ON, Be strong, emancipation is on the way*.

We also salute the courage of Nigerian Press and some Media organisations who have remained steadfast in the face of stiff penalisation from a government working against her people and doing everything to stifle press freedom.

We unequivocally say NIGERIA IS UNDER SIEGE!

Buhari Must Go!!!.

We want to assure you that this protest will be staged round the globe to finally end a grossly incompetent and self centred government where leaders are quick to reject made in *Nigeria goods but force stone rice down Nigerians’ throats*. Leadership they say is by example. A government where a private business organization Miyetti Allah now speaks, threatenes, abuse and breathes down the throats of law abiding Nigerians with the government support.

Enough is Enough, we must take our country back by coming together as a force with one voice.

*Concerned Nigerians in Canada beckons on us all to support our quest in salvaging Nigeria from these evil leaders. who are benefiting from terror war in the country.*

God bless you all

God bless Nigeria

Olujimi Adekanle JAF

Cc; Canadian House of Commons Ottawa.
Catholic Archdiocese Ottawa ON Canada.

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