I Will Unite PDP For Governorship Election Victory – Adams

I Will Unite PDP For Governorship Election Victory – Adams

Peoples Democratic Party Chairmanship candidate in Ondo State and the party’s State Deputy Chairman, Alhaji Fatai Adams has offered to unite the umbrella party for victory in the October governorship election.

Adams made this promise in an interview with Triangle Media on Monday. He said his major agenda was to ensure one solid PDP family in Ondo State that will be well positioned for victory. He said, “My agenda is one united PDP in Ondo State. No segregation, no fictionalisation and no division. All of us must be on the same page for us to provide a very formidable party that is highly united so that we can lead the party to victory”.

The Irun Akoko born Adams also said he possesses all it take to lead PDP to victory in the October 2020 gubernatorial election. “As the current Deputy Chairman of the party, I believe that I have the cognate experience, the capability to move to the next level which is chairmanship of the party at the state level. I believe that I have everything it takes to succeed and to lead the party to victory in the coming gubernatorial election”, said Adams.

The 52 year old Adams described Ondo State PDP as one big family. He also assured that the party’s governorship primary would not create problem for the party if he emerges as the party’s Chairman.
“If I emerge as the chairman of the party, myself and the entire State Executive Committee will maintain a high level of neutrality. We are going to provide a level playing ground for all the aspirants”, added Adams.

He also allayed fears that the PDP governorship primary election in Ondo State would create problems for the party. “Once the primary is transparent, everybody will embrace the result and we are going to work together. The most important thing for us is to win the gubernatorial election”.

In the same vein, Adams also assured that his first assignment if he emerges as Ondo State PDP Chairman would be the provision of a platform of equality and unity for all party members.”My main agenda is to create a platform, a very conducive platform to ensure that the party is highly united. To make sure that we join all the forces together and all the tendencies so that all of us can be on the same page. We plan to provide a very viral, vibrant and a winning team for our party”.

However, Adams has described the performance of Governor Akeredolu in the last three years as disappointing. He said that the
people of Ondo State were yarning for a positive change and in need of a very productive government which PDP would be prepared to offer. “Akeredolu government in the last three years has not impressed the people of Ondo state. Look at what is happening in our tertiary institutions, a lot of indigent students have dropped out because of unnecessary increment in their school fees.

“Education is not supposed to be a business venture for government; but look at what it has turned to now. If you look at our health sector, look at what the last government achieved in terms of high quality health delivery. The story is another thing today”.

Adams also said that the people of Ondo State now have the opportunity to compare the current APC government with past PDP governments that ran people oriented programmes. He said, “Our people can testify to the performance of PDP governments in various fields in terms of health, in terms of education, in terms of Agricultural and infrastructural development. People can testify to it. Now, we have another party in government and people can judge the difference between the two”.

Meanwhile, the PDP Chairmanship aspirant has urged all the delegates to play the games according to the rules in the forthcoming state congress. “My appeal to the delegates, who are the leaders of our party at various level is to play the game according to the rule and cast their vote for me because I believe with me, we are winning the next gubernatorial election”, added Adams.⊕

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