Akeredolu is Not Capable of Uniting APC in Ondo State – Ife Oyedele

Akeredolu is Not Capable of Uniting APC in Ondo State – Ife Oyedele

The Executive Director of Niger Delta Power Holding Company and a leading governorship aspirant on the platform of APC, Engr. Ifeoluwa Oyedele has blamed Ondo State Governor, Arakunrin Rotimi Akeredolu for the crisis in Ondo State chapter of the ruling party and he described the governor as incapable of uniting members of the All Progressive Congress in the Sunshine State.

Oyedele made this statement in an interview with Triangle Media on Tuesday. He said that members of the Unity Forum are appreciative of the reconciliatory process that was ongoing in the party. He also assured that outcome of the reconciliation would be accepted by members of the Unity Forum once
the terms of the reconciliation are met.

Oyedele however, expressed disappointment that Governor Akeredolu had chosen the path of trouble instead of peace with members of the Unity Forum. “The truth of the matter is that it is the governor who has said that he is ready to fight. He said he is no longer interested in making peace with members of the Unity Forum and it is for this reason that we are where we are today,” said Oyedele.

Meanwhile, Oyedele has described the major desire of members of the Unity Forum as the need to have unity in Ondo State chapter of APC and to ensure sustainable quality of life for the people of Ondo State. He also expressed regret that Ondo State APC is not as united as expected.

“The party is not as united as we will like it to be and that is the reason why some of us are getting up to say we need to rebuild the party. We need to unite our people for rapid economic development so that we can have sustainable living for our people. That in summary is what is happening today.

“So, the members of the Unity Party as the name connotes, want unity in the party. We all want all of us to be on the same page and at the moment, we don’t think the governor is doing that.

“We don’t think he is capable of uniting the party and that is why the national reconciliation process was put together to ensure that in terms of settlement, in terms of uniting the party, to ensure that there’s peace in the party and that is what we are looking for. Once he can meet the terms put together by the leaders, it will be just an easy life for us.”

Speaking on the meeting held by members of the Unity Forum to choose a consensus governorship candidate, Oyedele confirmed that the meeting actually took place and which he described it as something that was not strange. “The meeting took place in Abuja on Saturday morning. It is part of the effort to seek the way forward for the All Progressive Congress especially as it relates to the forth coming elections. Yes, we all agreed that one person will emerge as the governorship candidate, so there is nothing strange about that,” said Oyedele.

When asked of the terms being demanded by the Unity Forum in the ongoing reconciliation process that is instituted by the National body of APC, he responded, “No No No No. I mean that is in the public domain that people are speaking about it. I think you should ask the Secretary of their Committee. He will tell you what the terms are”.

Also, when asked if the moves by the Unity Forum is aimed at dislodging Akeredolu from power, he responded, “It is not about the dislodging of anybody. Every citizen of this country has the right to aspire to any position in this country. That right is guaranteed in the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria”.

Oyedele added that any member of a political party also has the right to aspire to any position. He said, “I was a member of the Constitution Drafting Committee of the APC, the Merger Committee and I was also a member of the Constitution Review Committee of the APC.

“There is no where in the constitution that anybody who is a bonafide member of a political party is exempted from aspiring to any position, be it the position of Chairman, President, Vice Chairman, Chairman of the state exco or any other office”.

The Okitipupa born Oyedele also advised that the good intention of Unity Forum members should not be misinterpreted for sheer determination to dislodge Governor Akeredolu at all cost.

“I don’t think there is anything strange. It is not about anybody dislodging anybody. It’s the right of any political party to determine whether they need a change or not. And this is the right that everybody is exercising.

“I don’t think we should make a force out of this process. In any case, the constitution also made it possible for the president, the vice president, the governors, the ministers, the commissioner to be changed after every four four years. So that is what is going to happen”.

On the insinuation that APC leaders are likely tone pushing for the emergence of a their favourite as the governorship candidate of the party, Oyedele said, “Who are the powers that be in the party? Every member of the political party is a power. You understand what I mean? We have leaders and we respect our leaders.

“Even in our homes, we have leaders and we respect our leaders. A man is a leader of his home. There is ‘olori ebi’ in every family, there are chiefs in every domain and there are obas. There are commissioners and that is part of the human development and human evolution.

“We defer to our leaders. Our leaders have opinions. They also have the responsibility to ensure progress in the team that they manage. So, whether somebody is a favorite or not, it’s not an issue”.

Ahead of the APC governorship primary election in Ondo State, Oyedele has advised the people to stayed united and resolute in their determination to reverse the ugly situation that is foisted on them by the incumbent governor.

“I want to tell the members of the All Progressive Congress in Ondo State that this is the time for them to take the bull by the horn. That we need to be united as we were and as we have always been.

“We need to queue behind the man who is transparent, who has competence, who has pedigree, who is a man of his words. A man who can do what he has promised to do, who is capable of taking us to that promised land. A man who is capable of turning around the ugly situation that we have in Ondo state today,” declared Oyedele.

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