Coronavirus versus Coronabug* _… beware of the bug_ Dr.Olu Agunloye

*Coronavirus versus Coronabug*
_… beware of the bug_

Dr.Olu Agunloye

The coronavirus pandemic is evolving in its spread, its control, its understanding and possible cure or containment.

But much concerns now must also be on the Coronabug associated with the virus. This is about the lies, misinformation, misrepresentation and mischief associated with the novel virus. They are same evil effect irrespective of whether these are deliberate, unintended, inadvertent or innocent. Coronabug of all forms hinder the containment of the Coronavirus.

In fact, the Coronabug may be more deadly than the Coronavirus.

All our people including medical care givers, government officials and community leaders are enjoined to take all news, messages and stories on Coronavirus with a pinch of salt. They should keep strictly with information from WHO which may not be the best but they are genuine and not intended to mislead. Besides, WHO will keep updating and upgrading.

Dr Olu Agunloye. 19 March 2020

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