Heartbreaking: Pretty Girl Raped To Death By Her Brother After He Took Man Power 

Heartbreaking: Pretty Girl Raped To Death By Her Brother After He Took Man Power

A young lady named Chigozirim Alum, From Ezza South LGA of Ebonyi State, lost her life on 14th of March 2020 after being brutally raped by her elder brother who took some performing enhancer, locally called man power.

Chigozirim fondly called Chigol was a student of Ebonyi State College Of Education before her untimely demise.

Tests conducted revealed that she had been raped repeatedly, even when she was unconscious,

There was a trace of Rohypnol in her blood. Rohypnol is presently being used as a rape drug.It is actually a small sterilization pill which is now being used by rapists to drug their targets at anywhere

The drug makes the mind of the target (would be victim) go blank so that she does not remember anything that transpired and worse still, the drug sterilizes the victim so that she doesn’t conceive from the rape and the rapist need not worry about having his identity revealed later by a paternity test.

The rapist administer the drugs by dropping it into the target’s drink.The girl wouldn’t remember a thing the next morning, nothing at all that had taken place the night before will she remember.Rohypnol, dissolves rapidly and easily in drinks, leaving no taste and no change in color which makes it impossible to detect.These weasels can get this drug from anyone who is in the vet school or any medical university.It’s that easy and Rohypnol is about to break out big on campuses everywhere.

Chigozirim’s corpse is currently in the mortuary and her elder brother Larry, who is 30 years is currently in Police custody and further investigation is still ongoing.

Girls, please be careful when you’re out anywhere, especially in a party, don’t leave your drink unattended.(Buy your own drinks, ensure bottles or cans received are unopened or sealed; don’t even taste someone else’s drink).

For guys –

Please inform all your female family members, relatives and friends.

Remember you also have sisters or might one day have a daughter(s) Please share to protect and save lives.


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