Ade Ajayi, Karounwi Lack The Required Leadership Experience And Status To Criticize, Engage Segun Oni… ERM

Ade Ajayi, Karounwi Lack The Required Leadership Experience And Status To Criticize, Engage Segun Oni… ERM

Ekiti Renaissance Movement (ERM) is a socio-political group of informed and concerned indigenes of Ekiti , it is a group that has a vision and mission to rescue Ekiti from it’s current Political doldrums.

Ekiti Renaissance Movement(ERM) condemn in totality the outbursts of Mr. Ade Ajayi, Ekiti APC Publicity Secretary, and his Southwest counterpart, karounwi Oladapo, against the former governor of Ekiti state, Engr. Segun Oni.

Excerpts from karounwi’s statements that Segun Oni is desperately to become Governor is an ill feeling, nauseating and borne out of a confused state of mind, as Segun Oni’s defection from APC was not based on governorship ambition but his undying quest for robust internal democracy and adequate welfarism of his followers and generality of Ekiti people.

However, it must be noted that Ekiti APC lacks internal democracy as their ethics and norms, more of which a man of integrity with a reconciliatory gesture like Engr Segun Oni can no longer bear.

It is equally visible to blind and audible to the deaf that a society cannot successfully run a robust economy when her political foundation is poorly structured and a super-structured political foundation is a derivative of internal party democracy which forms a Government of all inclusion. The Inability of the Ekiti APC led Administration to accommodate political rivals within the party despite all efforts applied by all and sundry to ensure the Government is put in place is undemocratic practice capable of destroying the aspirations of a generation of people, disenfranchising party cohesion, subject members of the party under dictatorship, reduce capacity of Government to perform based on lack of capable hands.

This medium aims at educating the duo critics aforementioned to embrace the right principles of modern democracy as against chauvinism and dogmatic follower-ship they are enmeshed in to have found themselves criticizing Segun Oni’s migration to PDP without subjecting such situation to critical analysis. As such with dismay we receive the responses of the duo of the Ekiti APC stalwart and South-West APC spokesperson as touching the imminent defection of Engr Segun Oni, former governor of Ekiti State, from APC to PDP. This we condemn in totality and debunk with acute conviction.

It is unfortunate that Mr Ade Ajayi and other bigwigs in APC refused to attend to the basic reasons for Engr Oni’s imminent defection, instead, tagged him “ungrateful soul” despite his tremendous efforts put in place to rescue a crisis ravaged APC in Ekiti. As the Deputy National Chairman(South) of APC, Oni was able to unite all the warring factions, including: Restoration Group, Ekiti APC Stakeholders Group, The Action Group, Bibire Group and a host of others in Ekiti APC. It was the dividend of Oni’s actions that Gov. Kayode Fayemi came to benefit from when he became the candidate of the party in 2018 which gave the party a convincing victory in the poll.

We declare before the populace, that this duo of Ade Ajayi and karounwi only continued their age long hatred for Engr. Segun Oni.

The act of attack of Ade Ajayi can be traced back to his days as Trade Union leader, the position he attempted to use for wanton aggrandizement thereby attempting to cause discord between Oni, as the governor of Ekiti and the Trade Union in Ekiti State which Engr Oni refused to accede to such parochial interest and Ajayi’s move to sellout the union.

While that of Karounwi can be traced back to his historical tendency as an hatchet man who has always been induced to make statements.

For Mr Ade Ajayi to have claimed APC never gave Engr Oni “unfair treatment”. How would he describe a situation whereby Oni’s followers in APC purchased their forms to participate in the party primary elections to respective elective positions in the state, and after they had paid for their forms, they were prevented from participating in the primaries, neither was their money refunded.

Also, that Mr Ade Ajayi who intentionally fended off the truth by saying Engr Oni was “treated well” in the APC, was aware of his orchestrated suspension from Ekiti APC and such treatments were meted to some of his close associates humiliatingly as a response to Oni’s decision to approach the court and clarify Gov Fayemi’s refusal to resign his ministerial appointment within the specified period of time, before contesting at APC.

As for Karounwi Oladapo and his unguided remarks aimed to deliberately create imaginary rancour between Engr Segun Oni and the former governor of Ekiti State and PDP leader, Dr Ayo Fayose. Mr Karounwi wrote on March 21, 2020, based on political immaturity, treachery and weak knowledge of Ekiti politics, he ignorantly reported that Engr Oni once lost battle for “party structure” and hitherto grip of PDP structure, a claim made out insincerity, and usual mismanagement of fact. We seize this opportunity to re-equip his dying library of records that Oni has always being a unifying force in the PDP.

We want to advise, that APC spokespersons and other sponsored blackmailers across boards, should engage themselves more in uniting the denuding APC, just as the Party is sitting on a time bomb that will send her to a journey of no return, than targeting Oni, a gentleman who is reverently leaving their “ungrateful” party, owing to the party’s usual ‘close in’ approach to defectors.

Just for records, as students of history, we could recollect that Ekiti APC was almost a wrecked and dismantled ship some years back over the party’s lack internal democracy before Engr Segun Oni reconciled all the aggrieved party leaders into one fold while he was the National Deputy Chairman (South) even when some big wigs and giants in the party were posing a brick wall so that those that have left could not return. This act of reconciliation availed the party an ample opportunity to win the last governorship elections.

As much as we understand how embittered some elements in the APC are, purposely for losing their brightest, popular and generally accepted leader in Ekiti State to the PDP, we urge all our brothers in Ekiti PDP to remain apostles of peace, oneness and progress, to equally learn from the records, what brought APC to their state of collapse and wreckage, so that the party could regain all it has lost.

Segun Oni remains “omoluabi” who is well respected in Nigeria and Ekiti politics

Silence is no longer golden.

Comrade Saliu Akeem
Publicity Secretary
Ekiti Renaissance Movement (ERM).

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