Ondo2020: Olusola Oke is Aketi Mole, Disqulfy Him Now, Group tells Unity Group

#Ondo2020: Olusola Oke is Aketi Mole, Disqulfy Him Now, Group tells Unity Group

A youth group within the ruling All Progressive Congress in Ondo State, APC Youths Assembly, has called for the immediate expulsion of a governorship aspirant Olusola Oke, SAN, from the leading interest group within the party, The Unity Forum, which is presently in search of a credible candidate to represent the group in the APC primaries in July.

The group said this is necessary because Oke is a spy in the group, working against the interest and intent for which the group was formed a few years ago.

The group in a statement by its leader, on Wednesday in Akure, Com. Adifala Ologun, warned that it will amount to a futile effort and betrayal of trust reposed in the group by party members if it ends up considering the choice of Oke as its consensus candidate. “What he deserves is disqualification for disloyalty,” it said.

The group alleged that Oke is working for the incumbent governor of the State Arakunrin Rotimi Akeredolu. It said that the present drama playing out within the group may fault the credibility of the group and make a mockery of its years of hard work if things are not properly done as expected.
It said the decision of the group may either unite or further divide the party than its present state as party faithful are relying on it for hope.

“We had earlier warned the group on the inconsistency and losing antecedents of Olusola Oke over the years. We warned that he wouldn’t mind selling the group to anyone for a price, now it’s playing out.

“Oke is neither calculative nor wise, he is desperate and that has always been responsible for his failure and political woe. He can’t be trusted to be loyal to a cause, he would sell his own candidacy for a price at the detriment of his followers.” Adifala said.

The statement further read “Why has the group not disqualified Oke for disloyalty after he didn’t deny the allegation that he is negotiating with Aketi? Party faithful are beginning to raise questions on the authenticity of the Unity Group. We have duly been informed that Aketi, through Oke, has bought almost all the members of the Group. Even Arakunrin’s close associates, especially one Alex Ajipe, are all over the streets boasting of their principal’s influence on the Unity Group, saying Oke has been financially empowered to work according to their boss’s plan. Aketi’s wife has also been in contact with Mrs Oke, and that speaks volume.

“Members of the Unity Group should be mindful of their reputation and avoid any form of manipulation because all the APC loyalists in the State are counting on them to mend and strengthen the family cord of the party again. The Group should disqualify Olusola Oke now if it has not being compromised. Where exists no law, there exists no sin.” The group concluded.

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