Group Canvasses Support For Adams To Become Ondo PDP Chairman

A group of Peoples Democratic Party loyalists in Ondo State under the aegis of PDP Support Group (PSG) have thrown their support behind Alhaji Fatai Adams to become the next Chairman of the party in Ondo State.

The group’s open and total support for Adams was reiterated by its Coordinated, Hon. Bode Obanla during the week in Akure in an interview by Triangle Media.
He said the group’s support for Adams was informed by the fact that he was the person that rallied round the party members to form the PDP Support Group while the party was having a challenge.

Obanla also described Fatai Adams as a loyal, experienced and consistent member of the PDP. He said, “Adams was the one that knew how he went to town, brought us together and made sure we formed what is today called PSG. He was a Deputy Chairman to Mr. Alabi. He also performed very well during his time and Hon. Alabi can today tell you that he is a very loyal person and committed engine of the party”.

Meanwhile, the group has likewise described Adams as the only person that is capable of eliminating all forms of divisive tendencies in the party and could also unite the PDP in Ondo State. Obanla further said, “Adams is the person who can do it. We need a very cool headed person that can bring people together. Someone who can do things that people will love. So, Adams is the person”.

Speaking further on their declared support, the Coordinator of PSG described Adams as the choice of all PDP leaders and stakeholders. Obanla said, “As at today, all the aspirants that we have in Ondo State, apart from one, are all behind him. You know that this it is wonderful. Nobody has ever done that before since people have been contesting. This one will unite the aspirants and there can’t be anything like in- fighting”.

When asked on what best qualities Fatai Adams for the position of PDP Chairman in Ondo State, Obanla said aside the fact that Adams could best be described as the encyclopedia of the party; he also praised him for his efforts thus far to keep the party together.

“He is an encyclopedia of the party. He knows everybody and everything about the party. There is nothing you want no know about what had happened in the party from 1999 till date that he will not tell you.

“Apart from his experience, he is so consistent. Adams is not consistent because of the benefits he is getting from the party; he is primarily consistent as a member.

“He is a person that is close to the people. We have 203 wards, he is a person who can conveniently mention 10 persons in a unit for 203 wards.

“It is only a person who knows people and can analyse people that can be the chairman of the party. We need a person that the people love. A person that is close to the people”.

Reacting to the issue of zoning in PDP, Obanla informed that the party had zoned all the existing 39 positions in the umbrella party to the three senatorial districts of Ondo State. He however added that party members that are not satisfied with the zoning arrangement of the party would not be stopped from contesting against the endorsed aspirants.

“We have zoned the 39 positions in Ondo State PDP to 3 senatorial districts differently.

“We zoned the chairman to Ondo North; the Deputy Chairman to the South, the Secretary to the Central. Now when we got to Ondo North, the stakeholders sat down and zoned the chairmanship position to Akoko North West. They zoned Secretary in the Central to Ifedore. Then the Deputy Chairman to Ilaje. That is how PDP zoned its things.

“After doing that, which is the first phase of the Congress; because this is democracy and if you like you can show your interest. You can contest against the zoning. We will not stop you”.

The group also expressed its utter confidence in the wide acceptance of Fatai Adams by nearly all members of PDP in Ondo State. Obanla said that nothing else could have confirmed the acceptability of Fatai Adams than the fact that even popular and highly respected aspirants have stepped down for him.

“As we are speaking, everybody in Akoko is united on Fatai. Whoever is telling you story is telling you nonsense. In Owo for instance, Dr. Lad Ojomo, the erudite scholar was contesting before he stepped down with his status in the interest of the party. He stepped down for Fatai Adams”.

However, Obanla affirmed the group’s confidence in the ability of the party leaders to ensure that the delegates would vote in according with the party’s choices since they were the ones that endorsed the choice of Adams in the first instance.

“The delegates don’t exist alone; they exist with their leaders. The leaders raised delegates. The leader that said they want something ; they are bringing them and they are going to vote for Fatai Adams. We are pleading with them to cooperate with their leaders so that they will vote for Fatai Adams.

“The leaders will lead their delegates to the race and they will all vote for Fatai Adams; they will vote for Oluseye ; they will vote for Olowokanga; they will vote for Alabere; they will vote for Omotosho Bobby and some other people that are contesting,” assured Obanla.

Similarly, the leading PDP contestant for Ondo State Chairmanship, Alhaji Fatai Adams had said in another interview with Triangle Media that he was contesting because he posses years of rich experience, ability and capability to unite members of the party for victory in future elections.

He added that his candidature was endorsed by leaders of the party on account of his loyalty and allegiance to the party.

Speaking on his agenda for the PDP if he becomes the State Chairman, Adams said “My main agenda is to unite members of the party. I don’t believe in any tendency. We must be one big family that will work together with one spirit so that we can regain power from the current occupant at Alagbaka”.

Adams added that the party leaders that endorsed him for the job truly have implicit faith in his ability and capability to move PDP forward and to unite members of the party and to also lead them to victory.

Meanwhile, he has implored all the delegates to cast their votes wisely and for the right aspirant during the party’s congress.

“Casting their votes for Fatia Adams means votes that will lead us to Alagbaka. Casting their vote for Fatia Adams team means votes that will unite the party and votes that will complete the party,” reiterated Adams.

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