Coronavirus : Ondo State Is Playing With Fire

Coronavirus : Ondo State Is Playing With Fire

Triangle Meda

A visit to Oja Oba in Akure this morning left me speechless with the hordes of people that are into buying and selling at the market.

Definitely, no form of social distancing can ever be observed with the prevailing circumstance of hustling and bustling in the market. This is extremely dangerous for Ondo and her people at this time.

Apparently, the government’s directive on markets closure has been discountenanced by the people; it will therefore be expedient on the part of same government to ensure strict compliance with its directive by deploying security agencies to all the market places in question.

As for the people that have been told to stay at home, particularly the civil servants; Ondo State Government will need to come up with some palliative measures for them to willingly comply with the ‘sit at home’ order.

Also, Triangle Media has gathered that traders from neighboring states whose borders are already closed are planning to move down to Ondo State to continue wiith their businesses. Ondo State Government needs to act very fast to avoid massive importation of coronavirus to the Sunshine State. Only a stitch in time can ever safe nine !

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