Since the first confirmed case of Coronavirus in Lagos, in February, 2020, the spread has been on the increase though in slow pace. So far 111 confirmed cases in 9 states having Lagos as worst hit with 2 deaths recorded so far in the country. This trend if not quickly arrested may nosedive to what goes beyond the control of the government as the deadly virus keep spreading from one State to another. The confirmed cases continues to increase unabated because of the failure of the Federal government at the first instance to close all our boarders to prevent movement of people in and out of the country. Had government earlier responded to the call on Boarder closure like North Korea which is in close proximity to China and yet to record any case of the virus, the whole country wouldn’t have found her self in this panic position that we all experiencing now.

The need for us to close our boarders in Ondo State is imperative at this critical time as we can’t afford to make the same kind of mistake the federal government made. As it stands today in the world over nothing matters other than the breath of life, hence the need for Ondo State government led by Arakunrin Akeredolu to close our land boarders in addition to the already stay home order currently in force. Ekiti, Edo, Osun and Ogun State has confirmed cases of CoviD-19 and these are states that shares boundaries with Ondo State at different points. This has made it expedient for us to take strict and proactive measures as currently Ondo State is Zero free of the Coronavirus. We don’t pray for any case.

Speaking to journalists earlier today, the coordinator of OSPAG, Ebisemiju Oladeji reiterated that the primary responsibility of government is to protect the lives and properties of its citizenry. This should be more important to any and every responsible government. In view of this it is therefore, appropriate for the Aketi led government to consider in the overall interest of the good people of Ondo State to close all her inter-state boarders for at least 14 days in the first instance in order to safeguard the lives of the people and appeal for strict adherence from the people as nothing matters now order than the containing the deadly virus. Practicing safety measures and other preventives controls will not only help the government but the people in combating the spread of the CoviD-19.

The secretary of the group Olusegun Akinsehinde says steps and efforts made by government, donations by individuals, captains of industry and other well hearted Nigerians at putting an end to the virus are most commendable and appreciated. The measures taken by Lagos State government in fighting this pandemic demonstrates good leadership which we in Ondo State should take a cue from.
“Also having the understanding of what boarder closure would bring, we think it won’t be out of point to say government should provide palliatives for the people to cushion this effect. This will assist the citizens in keeping bodies and souls together as many are not scared of the virus but rather the hunger that comes during the planned lockdown. This critical moment demands kind hearted Ondo State indigenes to donate and support the state government in her efforts to curb the spread of the virus”, the group said.

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