Covid-19 : Landmark Distributes Palliatives Worth Millions of Naira

Covid-19 : Landmark Distributes Palliatives Worth Millions of Naira

The Deputy Majority Leader of the Ondo State House of Assembly and member representing Ondo East Constituency, Hon. Olamide Oladiji has distributed food items worth millions of naira to his constituents to relieve them of the economic strains of the sit-at-home directive of the government.

The lawmaker who is popularly known as Landmark distributed the essential food items on Tuesday in all the wards that make up Ondo East State Constituency.

Some of the food items distributed by Landmark to cushion the negative effects of coronavirus on his constituents include a trailer load of rice, a truck load of twist pasta, a truck load of spaghetti macaroni and other consumable items.

Speaking during the distribution of the coronavirus relief package, Landmark said, “If the people are being encouraged to obey the lockdown directive of the government, we must also get them what to eat. It will be irresponsible of any lawmaker to abandon his or her people in a crisis period like this.

“This is what is expected of a responsive and responsible lawmaker in a crisis time like this. Nothing can be too much for the good people of my constituency. What is expected of me is to provide basic food items for my constituents that have been locked down by the sit-at-home directive”.

While appreciating the gesture of Landmark, a constituent identified as Bayo Akinsete said, “We are very lucky to have a lawmaker like Landmark in our constituency. He has always been identifying with the people in our time of lack and surplus. It is also important to appreciate his regular presence in our midst. What he has done now is another of his regular gestures being extended to our people “.

Meanwhile, Landmark has enjoined his constituents to continue to obey the basic hygiene instruction of regular hand wash with soap for a minimum of twenty seconds and to also observe social distancing.

“The threat of coronavirus is very real and we must not carelessly endanger our lives by taking our health for granted. We should endeavour to use hand sanitizers regularly, but those of us that cannot afford one should wash hands regularly with soap. We must also avoid any form of gathering that may be more than 20 people”, added Landmark.

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