Why I’ve up blueprint State Economic Revival– Nigeria/British chamber of commerce boss … As Triangle Magazine interrupts break to dissect document

A former chairman, Nigeria chamber of commerce and industry, Dapo Adelegan has described the covid 19 pandemic as a blessing in disguise and disaster in embryo for the Nigerian economy.

Mr Adelegan stressed the need for govt to be proactive in re-engineering the style of leadership and governance in the country to prevent crime at its peak.

The business mogul who made the disclosure while speaking with newsmen in Akure, the ondo state capital predicted mass job loss in the country as a result of the pandemic which according to him is an eye opener to many employers the need to streamline its workforce.

Adelegan said this decision will promote crime in the country if govt fails to create the needed palliative to cushion the effect of unemployment on its citizens as witnessed in developed countries.

He also called on youths (employed and unemployed) to as a matter of urgency think out of the box as to what will put food on their tables ahead of what the 24th century has to offer.

Mr Dapo Adelegan says the 24th century will experience robots performing the duties of human beings in various industries thereby urging youths to be prepared so as to me
asure up with their counterparts world over.

The former NCI chairman explained that Nigeria stands to benefit immensely from the post covid 19 era if it indulge in proper planning and also emulating countries like China and south korea in technology development.

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