Olayide Adelami : Ready To Right The Wrongs In Ondo State

Olayide Adelami : Ready To Right The Wrongs In Ondo State

He retired meritoriously as the Deputy Clerk of the National Assembly where he left enviable legacies of of good name and efficient management of money, materials and men. He is an accomplished bureaucrat and a philanthropist of note. He is totally displeased with the turn of events in Ondo State whereby governance is in the best interest of the Governor, his family and members of his inner circle.

This illustrious son of Ondo State is Chief Olayide Owolabi Adelami, an indigene of Owo Local Government Area. He has since declared his intention to contest the governorship seat of Ondo State on the platform of All Progressive Congress. He had risen above clannish sentiment to tell whoever that cares to listen that the best of Governor Akeredolu is simply not good enough for Ondo State.

Adelami’s governorship aspiration is kindled by his awareness of the yearnings of the people of Ondo State and the level of disenchantment among members of the APC. His gubernatorial aspiration is also informed by the determination to rescue the people of Ondo State from pervasive poverty. Adelami is not new to internal wrangling in the APC. He was once the Ondo State Coordinator of Presidential Support Committee which was saddled with the responsibility of reconciling all aggrieved party members across the 18 Local Government Areas of the state.

Adelami is prepared to address the crisis that has sharply fictionalized APC in Ondo State. He is also out to be a selfless and accommodating governor who will not make governance about his inner circles and family alone. He is out to pacify the dissatisfied people of Ondo State and give them a sense of belonging. He is ready to ensure justice, equity and fairness within members of APC and Ondo State at large.

In his determination to transform Ondo State, Olayide Adelami plans to leverage on his success in a sensitive establishment like the National Assembly which is more or less a mini country. He equally plans to take full advantage of his
national and international exposure to bring about all round development in Ondo State if elected as governor. Chief Olayide Adelami has in his kitty enormous goodwill and good name that he plans to leverage on in the governance of Ondo State. He is also not leaving anything to chance in his determination to change the narrative that has unenviably dubbed Ondo State as a civil service state.

The Business Administration graduate of University of Lagos and MBA degree holder from Ogun State University has been going round the state to sell his plans to the people and the reception has been impressively encouraging so far. Adelami is perfectly cut out for transformative governance and judicious management of Ondo State resources.

The retired Permanent Secretary has marshalled a clearly thought out blue print that will ultimately change the fortune of Ondo State. He is of the take that good governance is far beyond the construction of some kilometers of road which has been the major selling point of the present administration in Ondo State. Chief Adelami is of a better idea that emphasis should be placed more on rural roads in order to synergize the economic activities of Ondo State.

The Owo born Adelami who is popularly known as ‘Oko Opo’ because of his philanthropic support for the widows over the years has mapped out a fool proof plan to industrialize Ondo State. He plans to focus on promotion of investments which will in turn help to industrialize Ondo State and rebuild the economy. He also plans to leverage on industrialization to provide jobs for the army of unemployed youths of Ondo State.

Adelami takes cognizance of few rehabilitation of school structures in Ondo State, but he is of the firm opinion that the state has only been living on past its glory in view of the fact that educational content of the state has been in a sorry state for over a decade. He had severally described as utterly unacceptable a situation where all the public schools in the state do not have qualified teaching staff due to the failure of government to recruit a single teacher in the last eleven years. He would readily gave an example of his alma mata, Imade College that has only 55 teachers as against 155 that are needed in the school. Adelami has even taken it upon himself from 2014 till date to pay the salary of Mathematics teacher of Imade College. On the overall, he plans to adopt an all encompassing approach towards achieving massive development of educational sector in Ondo State.

Another great plan of Adelami for Ondo State is the establishment of one Information Communication Technology (ICT) center in each of the three senatorial districts of the state. The overall big vision is to make Ondo State an ICT hub. He plans to create an environment where unemployed graduates in Ondo State will be absorbed and retrained in the diverse areas of ICT to enhance their employability.

A money spinner plan of Adelami is the reorganization of the forestry policy of Ondo State in a bid to generate higher revenue for the government and employment opportunities for the youths. He plans to enact a policy that will make it compulsory for anyone that cut one tree to replace it with the planting of ten. He also plans to have a streamlined policy for all the produce from Ondo State with a view to generate more income.

Adelami has developed a robust plan for the health sector of Ondo State. Some of these plans include the introduction of health insurance that will capture the informal sector of the state. He likewise plan to create Ondo State Universal Healthcare Agency that will serve as a parent body wherein the informal sectors of the state will be harmonised and bring them into the fold of health insurance.

Undoubtedly, the Fellow of the Certified National Accountants of Nigeria (FCNA) has continue to vent his displeasure on the relegation of women in the scheme of things in Ondo State. He has therefore mapped out some programmes that will give prominence to and benefit women in the Sunshine State. Oko Opo is determined to make women of the state occupy their rightful place in government and governance.

Better days are definitely ahead for the 18 local government areas of Ondo State if Adelami is elected the next governor of Ondo State. He already has a plan in place to make the local councils get the needed element of autonomy that will make them function independently; contrary to the present practice of acting at the whims and caprices of the state government.

The alumnus of the prestigious Harvard University, Massachusetts, USA is not new to the politics of Ondo State after all. He had worked tirelessly even against all odds to ensure the victory of the only APC senator in Ondo State from his senatorial district. Adelami had since planted his structures and people across the 18 local government areas of the state. He is certainly upbeat of his bright chances and therefore contesting to win.

The widely traveled Adelami represents a model of Omoluabi whose qualities of integrity and excellent leadership ability are never in doubt. The Amuwagboye of Owo kingdom is a man with a large and caring heart for the vulnerable people in the society. He founded Elizabeth Foundation in 2004 as a Non Governmental Organization with a mandate to ameliorate the sufferings of widows and orphans in Owo and Abuja. This to a large extent lends credence to his natural penchant to always lend helping hands to the economically vulnerable in the society.

Before the members of APC in Ondo State and the larger populace is a choice to make between a leader that will be selfless and constantly feel the people’s pulse or to continue with a situation whereby governance will be in favor of the governor’s family and members of inner circle. Chief Olayide Owolabi Adelami is the best and most equipped at this time to deliver a new Ondo State of economic prosperity and sense of belonging for all.

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