By _Thalis Apalowo_*

At this age, I have seen you in the image of many prominent leaders. I am not too surprised about this as your proper upbringing and your penchant for new knowledge is so amazing.

Before making the decision to represent our people at the green chamber, you were very sure of what you will be going there to do and how to execute the plans. It was much easier for you to move from one house to the other articulating your manifestos.

As huge as your political weight is, you will still emphasize your “I am not fighting anybody” anthem. That is how peaceful you can be.

You gave us the opportunity to learn directly from you, closely and gave serious attention to our leadership growth.

Bringing us into your project to redefine leadership in our world also gave us the assurance that we will be having the luxury of displaying our talents on a big stage; an opportunity we have being denied for a long time.

Today, we appreciate you for helping us fill the long time void of an exceptional leader. Despite the task of leadership dangling on your neck, you have been able to establish a balance between your public life and family life. You are a true father and husband.

We thank you for these and more as we warm up to join you in the project to extend your developmental strides in Akoko and beyond. To fulfill this, we pray that the lord give you the strength and wisdom. May the Grace of God abide with you forever, Sir.

Happy birthday to my mentor, and leader.

*_Thalis Apalowo_*

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