Suspected gay lovers on the run after mob attack, arrest* – _As police declare renewed war on homosexuality _ By Niyi Akerele

*Suspected gay lovers on the run after mob attack, arrest*
– _As police declare renewed war on homosexuality
By Niyi Akerele

Members of the Vigilante Group in Ondo community in Ondo West local government area of Ondo State and the Ondo State Police Command are now on the trail of two suspected homosexuals who allegedly escaped after being caught in the act recently.

The suspects, Olafusi Akinsola and Adesuyan Rotimi, believed to be secret gay couple, were in January this year caught in the act and suffered a mob action before being rescued.

According to eye witnesses, the wife of Adesuyan Rotimi had caught the two men in the act at home while Sola was on a visit under the guise of a family friend. The woman, out of shock, raised alarm which attracted the attention of nearby residents of the community, who promptly alerted the local security outfit.

Homosexuality is against the law in Nigeria and the police had recently declared a war against those engaged in the act, with a special unit of the police recently created to fish out perpetrators for prosecution.

After their arrest, the two suspects were descended on and attacked by angry members of the community for allegedlly committing sacrilege, which is not against the law but also a taboo in the community.

Adesuyan and Olafusi were however rescued by the local vigilante members, who in turn handed them over to the police for prosecution.

The police, as part of the efforts to ensure that the case is properly prosecuted, had taken the two suspects to a clinic for treatment as a result of the injuries they sustained during the mob attack on them.

Adesuyan and his partner then spent some days in the hospital receiving treatment before managing to escape from the hospital and also fled from the community.

Preliminary investigations revealed that both suspects were secretly married and that they had been practicing homosexuality since their days in secondary school.

Investigations by the security operatives also revealed that the duo continued with this homosexuality beyond their secondary school days after reconnectinga few years after leaving school.

Homosexuality recently became a serious crime in Nigeria and whoever is found culpable of the act is liable to spend at least fourteen years in prison.

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