Kuku, Ajube Broker Peace Between Ijaw Commissioner and Lawmaker

Re-Arogbo Ijaw marginalisation:
Matters Arising.

With great delight, I write our revered Kingdom through this medium on the above subject matter.

Our Member, House of Assembly and I, had no personal issues to settle. Following the intervention of Hon(Dr.) Kingsley Kuku whose sustained interface between us was more than altruistic, we have met twice to discuss; and the progress of the Ibe has always formed the thrust of our frank talks. Unknown to many, underlying issues were raised and brought to the fore for both parties to appreciate and cuddle for posterity.

Kuku’s intervention was not without the simultaneous involvement of Chief Bibopiri Ajube who was to finally seal what KK had initiated and sustained for days. Ajube brought the MHA and I together and we both appraised the situation. Unsavoury words used were also withdrawn and we resolved.

MHA is part of Government. Therefore, as a Cabinet member, I have a responsibility to bring him closer to the Governor from whom we will continually make developmental demands. The first step was to visit the Chief of Staff late in the evening. I thereafter, brokered a meeting between the MHA and Mr. Governor(using the CoS) with Chief Ajube in attendance. The discussions were fruitful, reassuring and window openers.

As a way of driving our efforts to fruition, Chief Ajube has arranged a meeting between the MHA and I at the Agadagba’s Palace this weekend. The parley is not to discuss the issues in contention; it is to report to the Monarch and the Kingdom, the great efforts of Kuku that were driven home by Ajube.

I am obliged to state all these for posterity, the noble and patriotic roles of these great sons of ours. This must be put in proper perspective.

God bless Arogbo Ijaw Kingdom

Donald Kimikanboh Ojogo,
Hon. Commissioner for Information and Orientation,
Ondo State

May7, 2020.

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