Olafeso: Profound Party Captain, Leader With Luster Triangle News Media

Olafeso: Profound Party Captain, Leader With Luster

Triangle News Media

Party management is no tea party. It tasks a leader’s apogee of intellect and process. Where a leader with requisite intelligent quotient is in charge, the expected results are always in distinctions. That’s the case with Olorogun Eddy Olafeso, under whom the fortunes of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) have become incredibly better.

Eddy has demonstrated what capacity means with his impactful handling of the party in the Southwest, Nigeria, where the party put up a good showing and impressive performance during the last election. The very high number of national assembly seats won for the party, including winning Oyo State, erstwhile APC-controlling state to its fold is a sterling testimony to good leadership in the region.

His own (home) state, Ondo, he also delivered to the PDP against all odds, rendering the congregated opposition unfit and improving on the chances of his party as the state prepares for another gubernatorial election which is expected to spring out formidable candidates, including himself who has become so popular and powerful in the political space.

Olafeso, whose marks while he held sway as Information manager of the state remain indelible, has shown the world what it means to lead a party and coach a large following to winning. He has been producing brilliant results of his political dealings. Even now, his aptitudes get better at it.

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