AAUA Pro- Chancellor Praises Akeredolu: Advocate Support for his Re-election bid

AAUA Pro- Chancellor Praises Akeredolu: Advocate Support for his Re-election bid

The Pro- Chancellor of Adekunle Ajasin University, Mr Tunji Abayomi has appraised the efforts of the Akeredolu led administration in Ondo State has instrumental in keeping afloat the state’s economy in the wake of the out break of the novel virus Covid-19.

He explained that many States in the federation has seen its monthly allowance reduced as because of the ailing Nigeria economy which has affected the financial ability of the federal government to effectively manage and fund its federating units.

Coupled with this ,he also explained that the achievements of the Akeredolu led administration is birthed as a result of the Governor commitment to ensuring that the state is not left behind when it comes to development and growth among its peers.

“My standing is very simple. I am supporting Akeredolu based on objective assessment. I believe he has tried for the people of Ondo State. Looking at his achievements in terms of roads construction, promotion of agriculture, facilitation of medical services, largely innovations: for example modular refineries for bitumen.”

Furthermore, he explained the commitment and efforts of the Governor helped in stabilizing Adekunle AjasinUniversity, as the University was in a dire need of massive intervention. He explained that its through these conscious efforts of the Governor that helped the University retained its status as one of the best state university in the country.


He also added that ,” For our University to be rated high and able to really function in terms of education, it needs good professors, library, laboratory, environment, water must be in hostels. He explained that the Akeredolu led administration is doing all it can to ensure the full repositioning of the University





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