Hon. Omolafe Adedayo Pushes for Swift Fix of Akure Airport

Flights were grounded in Akure Airport, Ondo State, on Monday as a crater was discovered dug on the runway on the airport.
The crater was allegedly dug on the runway by some unknown persons suspected to be hoodlums.

The development was said to have forced the management of the airport to close the runway, preventing flight from taking off or landing in the airport.

To this end, many passengers who wanted to travel by air through the Akure Airports were unable to do so.

Responding to the incident, Hon. Omolafe Adedayo popularly known as “Expensive” who is the MHR, Akure North/South Fed. constituency have pleaded with the members of the state National assembly and the Ondo State Government to look into this incident as it holds serious implications of not well attended to on time.

The lawmaker also added that the state airport holds significant economic impact in the State and as a result of this, the necessary agencies who are required to fix this must be proactive about it.

Furthermore he explained that the state government must ensure that the airport facility is well secured in all perimeter to prevent future occurrence of unscrupulous elements coming in to manipulate the airport facilities.

He also enjoined the airport authority and the state government to make sure that there’s an adequate maintenance and routine check-up of all facilities within the airport to ensure that they are adequately functioning well.

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