Who is this Workaholic?

Talk about individuals with an acute identity that distinguishes them from the crowd, ones with a renowned brand that represents the people and everything progressive; Senator Nicholas Tofowomo stands aloft.
He represents the distant old and the new century breed of progressives and classical individuals which he has always exhibited consciously or unconsciously.
One who is greatly respected and admired as a hard-working and diligent man; his rise from the humblest of beginnings to making for himself a name is a testament to his commitment and steadfastness to attaining greatness.
His choice to be identified with the Yoruba cultural heritage which is quite evident in his morals and values is one which has been commended and appraised by all, he is popularly noted for his Dansiki Signature Attire which he wears with the Pride of being identified with the Yoruba Culture.
Noted for his brilliant approach to governance and leadership, he has oner the years committed himself to community development and national building as he has used every platform he has found himself to making life better and easier for the masses.
As the Commissioner for Transport during the administration of the former governor of Ondo State Dr.Olusegun Mimiko, he successfully transformed the Ministry of Transport to be one of the best and most popular during his time.
The effectiveness and high level of productivity and which he brought into the system was unprecedented.
No wonder he stands where others have failed. He is outstanding where others are standing. He remains till date an excellent politician who understands what good governance is all about.
It’s no surprising that his people gave him the mandate to serve as a senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria at the National Assembly representing Ondo South.
His victory as a Senator saw him defeating an incumbent Senator, Yele Omogunwa as he pulled 81,892 to the 55,610 recorded by his rival.
Ever since then, he has continued to place himself on the pathway of sustainable development for his people.
It would be recalled that during the recent ENDSARS protest in Nigeria, understanding the plight of the youth, he readily identified with them as he called on the Nigerian President to set up a judicial inquiry to probe the operations of the special security agency among other recommendation which was put forth by the lawmaker.
The Senator has been described by many as a faithful and loyal party chieftain who stood through the thick and thin of the existence of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Ondo State.
It would also be recalled that despite the political intimidation during the last Gubernatorial election in Ondo State, he delivered his constituency for the party.

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