EXPOSED: Married Women Who Secretly Work As Prostitutes In Lagos

It has been uncovered that a growing number of middle-class housewives secretly work as prostitutes in Lagos without the knowledge of their husbands, though accurate statistics with which to prove it are hard to come by.

Reports have it that some of these women are successful at it and have made enough money from the business as they now own boutiques and apartments within the city.

Some are said to do for money while others do it for the fun of it.

Journalist met with a married prostitute on Wednesday at 11.30am. though she refused to be interviewed at first, she later gave in.

“Listen, it’s not like I do something illegal or go out to the streets to wait for clients. Many women do it,” she began defensively.

According to her, she has been married for seven years, with two children both male and she loves her husband very much. Her husband is businessman and he was the one that gave her capital to start her own business. The business wasn’t doing very well and one of her regular clients, also married decided to help her out if she sleeps with him.

She saw no harm in it and that was how it started as after that incident she never looked back.

She dates rich married men, who fund her businesses. She now owns four shopping boutiques in various parts of town and each of them have different secret partners who are her lovers.

I am not a prostitute, I am just a business woman who never lets go of an opportunity,” says Rachel, adding that nearly all her friends, who are married, also have other men paying them for sex.

“I don’t know why people fool themselves. A woman who has children will do a lot of things to secure a bright future for her kids. Your wife will sleep with her boss for a promotion; she will sleep with another man to fund her business. It doesn’t mean she doesn’t love you. Actually, she loves you so much. That’s why she doesn’t want to pass financial burdens to you yet she wants a good life for her family.”

Rachel referred the journalist to another woman she calls her ‘godmother’ in the business who owns an apartment and several flats in the city but she refused being interviewed and even stopped picking calls.

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