AN ACTIVIST IN GOD’S VINEYARD: A Tribute to Comrade Pastor Ifeanyi Odili @53

17th November 2020

Since the first day I met this bold, fearless, courageous and no nonsense human rights’ activist, Ifeanyi Odili, it has awaken my subconsciousness that he is a great Nigerian, too down to earth, peace loving but zero tolerance to cheating and bad governance, a skillful and dogged fighter against injustice, inhuman to man, very strong hater of military rule, but a fine promoter of democratic governance through the ballot.

But, as at then (about 15 years ago), I was privileged and opportune to see into Odili’s future that he was a bride in waiting for Christ; Even with this strong conviction, I couldn’t convinced myself or any other man that my dream of “Pastor Odili” could come to reality.

How could it becomes reality? The Odili I knew then was a ruthless fighter, careless, care free, botherless, fearless and too tilted towards African religion and believes. What you can’t take away from the activist Odili is that he is very pure at heart, even at his deepest and low ebbs of struggles; with military junta, family formations, poverty, loneliness, business engagements and many hard punches life threw at him at every stages of struggle with living.

We (his close few friends) call him a cat with nine lives; Reason being that Ifeanyi Odili is able to endure, continue on rough and tough edges, and yet, survives and wins several battles despite a near encounter with disaster and near death.

During agitation for Nigeria democracy, he was tortured, beaten, and detained severally by different military rulers as a senior member of Campaign for Democracy (CD) where he was closely engaged and participated in several street protests with the likes of lates Chief Gani Fawehinmi and Dr. Beko Ransome Kuti, Moshood Eribami and Dr. Joe Okei-Odumakin; yet he never gave up.

He is the convener of the Conference of Nigerian Civil Rights’ Activists (CNCRA) and current National Secretary of Campaign For Democracy (CD), and now, as a pastor, a preacher, and teacher of Bible, he is still very active in his quest to usher in a genuine government with good practice of democracy that will bring happiness to the poor masses and ordinary people on the street, and constantly and consistently put food on the table of the common man and other basic needs of life.

With the power enthroned on me by the Committee of Friends on this occasion of his Birthday today, l greet this exceptional and exemplanary Man of God, a Bride for Christ, a Bible Teacher and Preacher and the unrepentant Rights’ Activist and Crusader of note.

At 53, I am happy to announce to the world (in case you’re still in doubt), our ever active, ever vibrant, ever conscious and Aluta continua IFEANYI ODILI, is a graduate of the prestigious Christ Apostolic Church (C.A.C) Theological College, a Pastor, Theologian, Bible researcher and Teacher, and a warrior for Christ.

Odili is also a very caring father that showers genuine and passionate love and care unto his children, his grand children and any children whatsoever. He is generous to fault.

He is a good and faithful husband who is married to a fire brand prayer fire warrior and a child of God, Deaconess Emily Odili, and together made a unique pair for Christ.

Odili, your Birthday comes with fresh anointing, call to duty in the Vineyard of our Lord Jesus Christ, more battles for Christ as a brand new Bride with all the beautiful appeals for the Holy Marriage. Congratulations!

We’re joyfully celebrating your new age that comes with special features and fresh hope and new wins.

You have been there for all of us these struggling years, no matter what. We love you, our dear friend, and we are so excited to share your special day with you.

Your birthday is going to be truly special and full of many blessings after the struggle days.

May you get more deserving accolades, honours, awards, laurels, winnings, golden trophies and shining armours; and at the end of life’s race, a “Welcome, my faithful son” at the right side of our Lord JESUS CHRIST on HEAVENLY THRONE.

Happy Birthday and many happy returns of the Day in service in The Lord’s Vineyard, our darling Comrade Pastor Ifeanyi Odili.

Ireakari Estate, Orita-Obele,
Akure, Ondo State

for: Committee of Friends

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