We should amend our constitution to scrap the judiciary arm of government since court orders are no longer obeyed. There’s no reason for Judges to continue sitting on cases if their judgements,directives and orders won’t be respected.
Separation of powers is the most pivotal aspect of constitutional democracy,the judiciary is to adjudicate on issues brought before it and its judgments are binding on all regardless of the suitability. We should stop pretending that we are practicing democracy if the rule of law has no place in our political system and court orders are wantonly disregarded especially by those referred to as “LAWMAKERS”.
The foremost legislative institution in the state cannot be trampling on the rule of law thereby encouraging impunity- No,that is setting a precendent that will ruin the image of the institution we are meant to preserve.
The court has rightly decided that elected lawmakers cannot be prevented from representing their constituencies by their colleagues who were equally elected like them-That is not a contestable fact.
At a period when our constituents are faced with a crippled economy,food inflation,unemployment,and several other myriads of challenges-what should be topmost in the agenda of the house of assembly for now is how to collectively work on legislations that will enhance the state government’s ability to execute policies that will ameliorate the sufferings of Ondo state citizens.
The house of assembly,a parliament,is not supposed to be a place where all legislators have the same political orientation and follow the same political direction- it is a place where ideas and ideologies can be at opposing sides but the interest of the citizens must supercede all pecuniary political interest. What is currently happening in the Ondo State House of Assembly cannot be said to be in the interest of the citizens of Ondo state.
What should be our immediate concern now as legislators is the year 2021 budget and how it can be of meaningful Impact to Ondo state citizens despite the harsh economic indices prevalent in the country which is made worse by the COVID19 pandemic. Election has come and gone,and a winner has emerged,ENOUGH of sacrificing the interests of our constituents and their constitutional right to be represented on the altars of dirty politicking.
We have toed the path of law,due process and legality even in the face of illegality,intimidation,victimization and injustice. The Attorney-General(a SAN) and Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Justice are parties to the court suits and were both present in court when the judgments were given,how will history record them for their ignoble role in failing to advise their clients to obey lawful court orders??
We have prevailed on our constituents who have been restless and agitated about the ugly development to exercise patience and not to take laws into their hands. We therefore call on the Police authorities,State Security Service and other relevant security agencies to rise up and perform their constitutional roles as LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENTS by enforcing the valid court orders that are subsisting which they have been served as well.

Hon. Tomide Leonard Akinribido
Member Representating Ondo West Constituency 1 and Deputy-Minority Leader,ODHA.

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