“Cosoro Radio is a first of its kind Radio in the United Kingdom” Femi Bankole

Femi Bankole, founder of Cosoro Radio, an Afrobeat Station based in Manchester, United Kingdom in an interview with Triangle Media has revealed more about the Cosoro Radio and how the international media outfit came to being.

According to him, the Cosoro Radio is an online Radio Station which is strictly dedicated to airing only Afrobeat songs, as revealed by him, the radio station was birthed as a result of his conscious and intentional efforts towards celebrating music of Nigerian and African origin.
He explained that the African is blessed with a rich cultural heritage which must be celebrated, he pointed out that the Afrobeat is one of the Prominent heritage of the Nigerian and African Continent, adding that Icons like Fela Anikulapo and a host of others made the Afrobeat a much sought after form of music which is highly recognized around the world.

Among the numerous Nigerians making waves for the nation in the diaspora is Femi Bankole, a young energetic, creative and resourceful young Nigerian who is flying high the flag of the nation in the United Kingdom.

According to him, “ What we have in Nigeria and Africa is truly amazing and unique, the beauty of the Afrobeat is something which must not be hidden but must be fully projected to the whole world. Nigeria is the home of notable and prominent talents and we must leverage on this to project what we have”

Mr Bankole also explained that the Cosoro Radio has a free Radio App and also a streaming service and it is not just limited to the United Kingdom alone as people from other nations of the world get to listen to the Radio outfit.

The radio can be listened to online, FM, DAB Radio, Alexa device and on Mobile App.

In his words,” the Cosoro Radio is the first of its kind across the United Kingdom, where you can tune in and get to hear only 100% Afrobeat songs”

He also shed more light on how the name ,”Cosoro” came to be, according to him, the name became an household name when he was recording a song titled “Cosoro” in the Studio, it’s then that him and his friend discovered the name and ever since then the name stuck.

He also explained that he grew up in a time when people did not accord more respect to musicians as they were considered to be beggars with less value, this perception and his parent decision made him drop music and opt to schooling in the United Kingdom.
However he expressed his delight at the rate at which the Nigerian music industry have grown and developed over the years, adding that the space has seen to the rise to Prominence of various artists who have taken the global stage by stride.

Femi Bankole is hailed from Ogun State where he attended the Ogun State University now Olabisi Onabanjo University where he studied Physics and Electronics before moving to the United Kingdom, where he attended the Manchester Metropolitan University where he studied Computer Networking Technology.

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