Hon. Kehinde Alex Bankole: Celebrating a Steadfast and Humane Political cum Entrepreneur on his Birthday

In life, people are more interested in the impact one makes on the lives of others and not neccesarily how wealthy one is. In the same vein, posterity will always be fair to only those who left the society better than they met it through good deeds cum impactful dispositions.

In truism, when someone has done so well uncompelled and made age long positive contributions on all spheres of human endearvours, it is not out of place to describe him as a generation icon.

Kehinde Alex Bankole is a household name across human vicinities. Today, his impactful contributions, philanthropic disposition,Politics, leadership dexterity and mentorship records all speak volume of him. He is one man so loved by God and in the hearts of million men.

A business magnate with vast experience in Construction and Real Estate Management steered the wheels of the Lekki Court Estate for several years that has today matured into a billion Naira diversified industry.

With several awards and recognitions home and abroad, Honorable Bankole has his impact in volumes of lives touched. He stands as one of the many real estate players, contributing immensely to the growth of the housing sector for the comfort and affordability of the masses.

The Chairman/Chief Executive Officer of KAB Constructions has conspicuously identified with progressive ideas and governments across the country and beyond through financial supports, genuine advices and persuasion for delivering of democratic dividends.

Without much ado, come 27th November, the world all over would once more celebrate the birthday anniversary of a man so loved by many.

It’s our wish and prayer that his existence continue to bring joy and happiness to him and to all around him

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