Celebrating Adeolu Gboyega: Africa’s Youngest Radio G.M

Celebrating one of the youngest On-Air Personality to have ever been appointed the General Manager of a Radio Station in Africa;  Adeolu Gboyega, one whose recent appointment as the new General Manager of Crest FM did not come as a surprise to many as he has over the years dedicated his energy and resources to putting himself and sustaining himself on the right path of progress, setting himself unique among his contemporaries in the process.

His name rings a bell across many homes in Ondo State and the south west in general, he anchors one of the most popular radio programmes on Ondo State Radio called “Lagbala Odu’

Having been trained by one of the great Late Biodun Fabunmi Okemesi, he exhibits a media prowess, dexterity and uniqueness which is quite different others; his perchance for sticking to the native Yoruba Language, promoting the language through his mind-blowing and quite engaging program is one which has further entrenched his name on every house hold in the state.

His first into Media is not by accident, though he would say that in his numerous interviews about how he had went to visit his big sister at the Broadcasting Service of Ekiti State and had been mistakenly taken for one of those who came for interview, one which he took part in and was picked among the numerous people who were originally invited for the interview.

His was a tale of a natural talent which was refined by one of the very finest Media Personality to have ever graced the Profession in Ondo State and the South West in general.

His appointment as the General Manager of Crest FM is one which is believed will further ensure that the outfit is positioned for advance progress and development, he comes with a wealth of experience, a decade of excellence which has enabled him learn from the best, which has also seen him prove himself worthy of his new office. Adeolu Gboyega is a force to reckon with in the Broadcasting sector in Ondo State, having won several awards and worked at most radio stations in South West.

Popularly known as BBR, “Biggest Boy on Air” an appellation which is not just a pointer to his physical build, but a testament to his impressive and brilliant intellectual wits ; amazing talents at creating contents, thrilling and bringing his audience to the best of an amazing radio experience.

While his new assignment is definitely a great one for him, it is also on the other hand a giant leap for the Radio Station in handing over its leadership to the best of hands in the media profession on Nigeria, one who not only bring the much needed energy to steering the wheel of affairs of the entity.

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