Extolling the Laudable Leadership Qualities of Hon Fatai Adams

Winning Election, Sustaining Party Unity and expanding the frontiers of a Political Party’s structure are one of the major functions of a Party Chairman, one that must be done with utmost sense of caution and precision because within the umbrella of any Party lies men of high repute, ambitious men who are brought together by one common goal and that is to secure political power to advance the good of the society.

Hon. Fatai Adams is one whose embodiment of good and progressive values falls under the category of the aforementioned, having enjoyed an overwhelming support of the majority of the party to become the Party Chairman of the People’s Democratic Party in Ondo State at a time when the party needed a solid and astute leadership, Hon. Fatai Adams brought  his vast experience and wisdom as a leader with image abilities to coordinate and manage both human and financial resources, steering the wheel of the party amazingly well.

As stated earlier, Fatai Adams came into office at a time that was pretty crucial in the history of the party. He became the State Chairman of the PDP with less than two months to a major and all important election in Ondo State.

 Adams also became the state party chairman at a time when a keenly contested primary election of the party was held with attendant divisions amongst certain PDP members that felt dissatisfied with the outcome of the election.

Despite all the seeming mountainous challenges confronting the PDP, Fatai Adams is an experienced and intelligent politician who knows his onions when it comes resolving disputes amongst party members.

Notwithstanding all the distraction that came up within the party when he emerged as the Party Chairman in the State, Fatai Adams quietly embarked on a mission geared towards a wholesome house cleaning and party reorganization. It is particularly worthy of note that Fatai Adams  moved from one party member to another and from one corner of Ondo State to another in his committed bid to achieve the much needed reconciliation within the fold of PDP.

The humility of Fatai Adams is another factor which endeared many people to him as he gave all a sense of belonging to work with him and for him.  His organizational and administrative abilities are second to none, he is reputed as the engine room of the PDP for the eight years he served as the Deputy State Chairman of the party. He had also garnered some useful experience as a former member of Ondo State House of Assembly.

While the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) in Ondo State did impressively well in the October 10 Gubernatorial election, the party was able to present one of the finest and most loved candidate to carry it’s flags in the election.

The post Ondo Gubernatorial Election realities also saw to it that Hon.Fatai Adams managed well the party, it will be recalled that the party’s secretariat was burnt down during the ENDSARS protest by hideous elements, thanks to the leadership and direction provided by the astute politician, the Party has been able to build a new Party Secretariat in the State, a feat that the ruling party in the State could not afford to achieve despite the wealth of financial resources at their disposal.

Honor must be accorded to whom honor is due, it is no gainsaying that Hon.Fatai Adams has done amazingly well in steering the wheel of the party, with his achievements so far, the sky is just the limit for the party in Ondo State as he has succeeded in placing the party on the path of greatness in the State.

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