Hon. Bunmi Tunji Ojo to deliver Two Blocks of Classrooms

Hon. Bunmi Tunji Ojo to deliver Two Blocks of Classrooms

Adequate Representation, exemplary leadership accessibility and accountability are some of the virtues expected from every public officials, the ones given the mandate by the people to lead and harness their resources for the greater good of all.

Hon. Bunmi Tunji Ojo lawmaker representing Akiko North East/ West Constituency has always made his thoughts known, loud and clear that leadership or the position of power is not a means to an end, it’s not a platform to secure personal gratification but an end in itself.

To whomever is given the opportunity to lead, or sit in the place of power, such must be willing to commit himself for the good of all.

He said it during the campaign and is fulfilling it to the latter; in his words, “Our legislative engagement is not going to be for showmanship but is going to be impactful and people centered”.

Consolidating on his previous numerous achievements, he recently donated two blocks of twelve classrooms being constructed to his people at Okeagbe Grammar School to make learning learnable for the children of masses.

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