Celebrating an Achiever: Dr Samuel Adekola.

Not everyone was born with a silver spoon, many are from the most humble beginnings from where they carve their way to finding their place among the king’s and queens of our society.

These ones success was never given on a platter of gold, but it’s something they worked and fought for until it’s attained and ever since they have never looked back as they have continued to  dedicate themselves wholly to leaving their names on the path of sand through their noble acts amongst men.

Standing tall among this league of men who have found their place among the nobles and have continued to strive for excellence in all they do is Dr. Samuel Adekola, the National President of the Association of Community Pharmacist of Nigeria and owner of His Grace Pharmacy.

Dr. Samuel Oluwaoromipin Adekola MAW, DSA is a passionate community pharmacist from Supare – Akoko in Ondo State, Nigeria. He is happily married with four children.

He is one who has been described as an astute Leader among men, an Achiever, People-focused, one who exhibit great intelligence with an honest personality basked with the virtues of hard-work.

Dr. Samuel Adekola who was recently honored during the 39th National Conference of the Association of Community Pharmacist in Nigeria for his contribution towards peace in Nigeria has not just made himself a man of value and substance, an assert to the organization but also to others in the society as he is one of the few progressive minded who are committed to the attainment and actualization of the Nigerian Dream.

His journey to stardom speaks of many of his numerous feats and Achievements, and as the popular saying goes,” you cannot give what you do not have” Dr. Samuel Adekola has shown incredible brilliance at what he does.

Apart from becoming a Community Pharmacist of international repute, as a student of the Faculty of Pharmacy in Obafemi Awolowo University,Ile-Ife where he obtained his degree, he won the Campus Cardiovascular Academic Student’s Award by Neimeth international Pharmaceuticals on the year 1998 and 1999 respectively, he was also awarded the most prominent student’s Award in the Faculty of Pharmacy, OAU, Ife also in the year 1999.

He holds a master’s in business administration (MBA) in 2009 from the Federal University of Technology, Akure.

As a Community Pharmacist, he is the founder and owner of His Grace KSP Pharma Group, a reputable community pharmacy which currently have (5) branches.

Also as a graduate Pharmacist in Community Practice in Nigeria, Dr. Samuel Adekola has started and profitably managed three state of the art community Pharmacies in the last 16 years.

After the establishment of the Sunshine Co-opharm Ltd, he successfully managed the company, declaring an average of 100% ROO annually since 2008, also he brought 5 new Pharmaceutical products (tablets and injectable, antimalarial and anti hypertensive and an antidiabetic) into the firm’s portfolio.

In the year 2012,  he received an award as one of the top 100 Community Pharmacist/Pharmacies of Excellence in Pharmaceutical Care showcased in Video at the FIP centennial conference in Amsterdam. Also he received an Award of Excellence by PANS, in Uniben in the year 2013.

To improve his delivery of Pharmaceutical care to patients, he has harnessed personal skill development in the area of immunization, emergency management and Opioid Overdosage, Response and Naloxone training. He has always taken advantage of conferences to keep himself abreast of advances in Pharmacy practice both locally and internationally. He has never missed a PSN or ACPN conference since graduation and has consistently a regular attendee of  FIP conference from  2009 till date. He has also assumed membership of some foreign professional pharmaceutical bodies such as the  Commonwealth Pharmaceutical Association CPA, Nigerian Association of Pharmacists and Pharmaceutical Scientists in Americas NAPPSA, Alliance for Prudent Use of Antibiotics APUA.

In terms of training or Practice skills acquisition, he has, certificate training in Emergency Management by the Red Cross International 2011, Certificate in Immunization Provision by American Pharmaceutical Association 2011.

Also in terms of experience and Pharmaceutical exposure, he worded as an intern Pharmacist, DRPU Faculty of Pharmacy OAU in the year 2000, NYSC Pharmacist, Final General Hospital, Jigawa State in the year 2001, Supervisory Pharmacist in charge of corporate marketing of Medreich Nig Ltd (Marketing and Distribution) 2002-2006 and Hospital Management Board, Akure (Part time) 2009- 2015

Samuel’s leadership attributes have grown very prominent, due to a record of selection and election into leadership positions from primary school till now. He has led in various capacities, in different spheres of society, at various levels, from student bodies to professional, business, political, union, NGOs and council. He has been the State Chairman of Nigerian Association of Industrial Pharmacists NAIP, State Chairman; Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria PSN, Chairman; Association of Professional Bodies of Nigeria APBN in Ondo state at various times, a Council member of PSN for 6 years, and is currently the National Chairman of ACPN after serving the same Association as National Vice – Chairman for  a period of 3years, currently an appointed observer on the FIP/CPS ExCo  committee representing the African Continent. Early in the year, Dr. Adekola was appointed by the Ondo State Governor into the State Public Procurement Bureau.

He belongs to the following Professional bodies, International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) Netherlands, Commonwealth Pharmaceutical Association (CPA), African Pharmaceutical From (APC), Association of Professional Bodies of Nigeria (APBN) where he was the vice Chairman for four years, he also belong to the Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria (PSN) and Association of Community Pharmacist of Nigeria (ACPN).

He has written two professional articles, Black hypertensive Story: Rational Drug design and Therapy,1998 National Hypertension Essay Competition and Pharmaco-economics and Management of Hypertension: Implication for black hypertensives.1999 National Hypertension Essay Competition.

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