“Dickson is a clog in the wheel of our progress” NDG

The Niger Delta Group (NDG) has issued a press statement condemning the unsolicited actions and statement of the Former Governor of Bayelsa State, Senator Henry Seriake Dickson who they described as a clog in the wheel of progress of the region

Senator Henry Seriake Dickson was reported to have condemned the appointment of a Sole Administrator for the NDDC , an appointment with was made by the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari.

Dickson stated that the appointment was illegal and as abberation to the commission, he also explained that the capital budget of the Niger Delta Development Commission should not be implemented by the sole administrator who is unknown to the law.

This statement was made by the Senator on the floor of the Senate during the consideration of the 2020 budget of the NDDC at the Monday Plenary.

Responding to his position, the Niger Delta Group fired back at the Senator for his unsolicited and ill guided utterances which they said is doing more harm than good for the commission.

The group through its spokesman Comrade Ayebabomote Ekio also accused Dickson of making so many unconstitutional appointment while he was the Governor in Bayelsa State, according to the spokesman of the group, he stated that,” Dickson is just another attention seeking political who is using the presidency to seek relevance, while he was the Governor in Bayelsa State, he made so many unconstitutional appointment one of which was his appointment of caretaker chairman for 4 years in the State.

The group also stated that Dickson was also responsible for appointing a former PDP Chairman as the Chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) in the state.

The Niger Delta Group also accused Dickson of leading thugs and hoodlums to the Judiciary to disrupt Court proceedings among many other illegalities committed by the former Governor.

They also warned the senator to desist from making utterances or commiting actions which does not represent the full interest of the people of the region, while also adding that he lacks both the moral and constitutional justification to do so as section 182 of the Nigerian constitution empower the president to make any appointment as deemed fit and proper by him.

The recent demonstration against the President that was done yesterday in Mbiama, Bayelsa State was alleged to have been sponsored by Senator Dickson.

Ayebabomote Ekio stated,” from all reliable information at our disposal, Dickson paid some youths to stage a demonstration against the President, he must desist from such acts and face his duties as a Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria responsibly”

They also implored the presidency and other security agencies in the country to caution him lest he continue to endanger the region with his unguided utterances and illegal actions.

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