Dr Olu Agunloye Christmas Message to Nigerians and Party Members

The National Party Chairman of the Social Democratic Party (SDP) has written to wish all Nigerians and Party members of the Social Democratic Party across the nation.

The Nigerian politician who is former Minister of Power and Steel and former Minister of State for Defence in his message acknowledged the various challenges faced by Nigerians in the course of the year, challenges which he stated did negatively impacted the economic growth, peace and progress of the nation.

He cited some examples of news which made the National Headlines over the last two days which showed that there is a high level of insecurity in the nation as there has been numerous cases of abduction by Gunmen, Activities of Bandits and Kidnappers which has placed the lives and welfare of those in the region affected at risk.

According to him, these events has showed that all is not well with the nation. He further added that, “the people and the governments of Nigeria have been under severe pressures by misrule, effects of Covid-19, and especially the recurring widespread insecurity and violent unrest”

Speaking further, he stated that, “the repercussions of these have had significant negative effects on the progress and stability of the nation. The religions are failing. The politicians are failing. The military is not primarily trained to succeed in this wise and does not have good previous records in governance.”

While proferring solutions to these national challenges, he stated that the members of the political class must must together to work for the progess of the nation. He called on members of the SDP to work together in Harmony to ensure the peace and progress of the nation.

Quoting the words of one of the party chieftain, Hon Ojobu, he stated “SDP is the only political party in Nigeria for now that recognizes, believes and supports the ability of the youths in government. We just need to work together in unity to bring our dear country out of the mess. We need a real change in our country. With determination and unity of purpose, SDP can bring about this change”.

He explained that for greatness to be allowed in the party, there is a need for internal repairs within the party and this entails that the members of the party adhere strictly to the Party’s Manifesto and Constitution, Reconcilation with agrieved or cheated members.

He enjoined all members of the SDP and devoted leaders across the nation to be committed to remodeling of the Party based on returning to the Party’s Principles of Social Justice, Promoting Massive involvement of youths and digitisation of operations leveraging on modern technologies and also getting properly organized and ready for imminent massive influx of youths and well-meaning Politicians.

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