Adieu Baraden Paiko!:Alh. Abdulkadir Salam, National Chairman, Labour Party:By Kayode Ajulo

Adieu Baraden Paiko!:
Alh. Abdulkadir Salam, National Chairman, Labour Party:

I received, with much sadness yet resignation to the will of the All-knowing and Almighty God, the news of the demise of the National Chairman of the Labour Party, Comrade Abdulkadir Abdulsalam (Baraden Paiko).

As a former National Secretary of the Labour Party, elected on the same day with Alh. Salam as National Chairman. I share in the deep sense of loss that this news evokes.

The pain we all feel is deep and raw; I can only hope that time will ease the pain that the loss of yet another stalwart and citizen of our dear country as this year draws to a close.
Comrade A A Salam was a leader who stood by his dogma dearly and worked assiduously for entrenchment of what assures peace and prosperity.

He was a brother-in-arms and even though we had ideological differences while I was the National Secretary of the Labour Party, I will remember Comrade Abdulsalam as a courageous person who always stood up for his own convictions.
As he answers the call of his maker, I can only pray that the Almighty grant his soul eternal repose and give his family the fortitude to bear this loss.

Adieu, Baraden Paiko.

  • Dr. Kayode Ajulo

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