High State of Dirtiness in Akure Becoming Alarming

High State of Dirtiness in Akure Becoming Alarming

With the recent global state where the health sector of all nations of the world was greatly put to test as a result of the outbreak of the novel virus, Coronavirus last year and it recent resurgence as it has been discovered that a new strain has been discovered in some nations of the world. It’s expected that government across the world prioritize the health safety of their people, eliminating everything that might militate against the healthy living of their citizens.

This should be the major aim of the Akeredolu led administration in Ondo State, even as the state enters the new year. The high level of Dirtiness in the state is rather becoming alarming and must be curtailed before it breeds pathogens which will endanger the lives of its people.

We therefore make that clarion call to the state Government to ensure that it brings the necessary documents agencies responsible for the upkeep of the state to step up in it’s duty to keeping the state clean.

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