Goodmus Travelling Agency: The Brand you can trust when it comes to studying abroad.

Acknowledging the amazing and tremendous efforts of a man who has made it his life long commitment to ensuring that Nigerians do have value for their money and are not exploited when it comes to travelling outside the country to seek more and better opportunities, Mr. Adekunle Badmus  holds his head high as he is counted among the most trust worthy names to help Nigerians facilitate from the scratch the processes involved in travelling outside the country.

In a world where many of the nation’s youth have the desire to leave the shores of the country for other nations for academic and career opportunities, seeking greener pastures, the industry has indeed become a booming one leading to the birth of many travelling agencies most of which are crooks and fake where they trick and manipulate their clients into getting them outside of the country to advance themselves only to dump their clients after they have extorted them of their hard earned cash.

However in the midst of this booming industry, Mr. Adekunle Badmus  bring to Nigeria a better and more reliable option, one which can be trusted by all Nigerians seeking to leave the shores of the country to advance themselves, through the creation of the Goodmus  Travelling Agency, Nigerians can be well assured that they have a reliable brand that can be trusted to help initiate and complete the process of studying abroad  when you employ their services.

The Goodmus Learning Center Ltd is a fast growing study abroad agency, and general travel agency in Nigeria. Among their numerous and well defined functions, they assist with placement of students in universities abroad, visa counseling service, and travel abroad services to over 20 countries for different travel purposes.

With them the option of studying abroad and tourism can be actualized with ease and fulfilment. Their services are aimed at giving you quality and affordable education abroad as well as tourism at low cost. Their willingness, beyond desire, to converse their reputation propels them to undertake all processes needed to help their respective clients to land in the country of their dreams.

When it comes to studying abroad for Nigerian Students, the Goodmus Learning Center is the Sole Licensed agency in Nigeria and other African Countries, representing the government Universities in Turkey. The Turkish Government offers Nigerian 90 per cent tuition to study from undergraduate to PhD level

Also the Goodmus learning Centre is into a six form academic school where they train students on SAT, TOEFL, GRE, GMAT and other external examinations including YOS exams.

The Managing Director of the outfit Mr. Adekunle Badmus while explaining why the company made Turkey its most preferred destination stated that, “At first, we started with the US, just as you know, it’s an American trend. When we started, it was okay. As at then, one US Dollar was exchanged for N87, N98 and N110 until the economy collapsed. Parents could no longer afford to send their kids to the US and they were asking us as consultants, what could be done about the increasing cost. We, at Goodmus Learning Centre went on a search for quality and affordable education and we spotted Turkey as a place where we can get that affordable and quality education. I went there, lived there and I saw the people. During my stay, I visited about 67 major cities, I visited the schools, moved from one department to the other and I saw that it is the same with the type of education one can get in the US, Canada, UK, to mention but a few.  International students in the US pay a huge sum of money; but in Turkey, it is highly subsidized.”

Mr. Adekunle Badmus  is a certified ETS (Educational Testing Services), Princeton, New Jersey, USA, Specialist and Administrator. Since the inception of the Internet-based TOEFL in Nigeria in 2006, he has been at the fore-front handling the registration and delivery of tests, including university placements; and he has ensured the sustenance of the tests with a strong adherence to the Standard Operational Procedure (S.O.P). He has a vast experience in the administration of TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) in Nigeria.  

He is an avid learner and currently awaiting certifications in Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) and Cisco Certified Networking Professional (CCNP). His industry-based experiences were obtained from TTC Mobile Ltd, where he functioned as a Hardware Engineering Trainer; First New Generation Citadel Limited, where he is Head, ICT department, and also administers TOEFL Internet-based Tests and university placements; and Timicom Telecommunications Limited, where he functioned as the Telecommunications Manager.

Added to his credits are the unique awards he has been honored with: Starplus Canadian Award of Excellence for being a star in promoting international education in Nigeria and also Wisdom House College award for his immense contribution to the development of education in Nigeria.

He is humanitarian. He is a passionate and empathetic individual who has an unbridled passion for humanity. This nature has seen him serve as father to many fatherless children and orphans. He sees to it that these kids are sent to good schools to get good education and as such secure their destinies from decadence. He strongly believes that nothing has any human-being except that for which such a person has been divinely endowed. 

He is a born entrepreneur. This has led him to start a telecommunications company- Goodmus Systems Solution about seven years ago. He has trained a lot of Nigerian youths in Computer training and engineering. This has helped to create jobs for so many Nigerian youths and thus empowered them for living.

He is also the CEO, Taste Options and Food events Company, a foods and cuisine company based in Maryland Lagos, and a board member of some organizations like Mitchel-Floodgate Company and others.

He is a Certified Effective Professional (CEP), Philanthropist and a Public Speaker on Information and Communication Technology.

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