If all lieutenants and beneficiaries of Asiwaju’s large heart honour him, the sky would be his limit…….



This has been forgotten by many. God wants us to honour our father and mother no matter how imperfect they may be. Not just our father but all of those we had benefitted or passed through in our sojourn in life or whose activities of ours passed through or those that touch our lives positively.

It’s only when we sincerely honour and reciprocate our promises and do justice to our written or unwritten commitment that, we are promised that our “days may be long upon the land which the Lord your God is giving you.”…And our integrity shall be truly justified.

When we give God the “firstfruits of our crops” to our helpers, boss or parents, we are giving Him our best in terms of our time, money, and talent.  We honour Him when we have a generous heart and give Him the best that we have to offer. 

As a result, “your barns will be filled to overflowing level and your vats will brim over with new wine.” No two ways about that.

“Gratitude is the fairest blossom which springs from the soul.” –

Henry Ward Beecher

Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu has made many in the society if we are to face the fact and to jetison envies and nepotism in this country and this, of course, is across political affiliations religions, sex or tribes. He is a master strategist who has dominated the politics of Nigeria for quite sometime.

In doing, so he sacrificed his ambition, resources, energy and time and he touched so many lives. He is such an experienced politician who has crossed many hurdles despite several opposing views and positions and most times against his person.

He has been called many names, abused severally and castigated in many quarters but in all these cases, he triumphed. He made many of us ministers, numerous governors, senators, representatives and several directors-general and board chairmen. His role in the recovery of several fallen southern states back to the progressive camp can not be fully captured in this article.

The emergence and eventual victory of the Speaker, Senate President , current President and his Vice-President has been publicly acknowledged. Asiwaju Tinubu has long been expected to make a run for the country’s top job; he had sacrificed several chances in the past and waited for this good time and still waiting to be persuaded!

His formidable political network, propensity for deal-making, sagacity and substantial personal wealth give him a lead and far above likely contenders in the South West.

Who would want to sabotage this region? Who is he or she that would want us to pursue this ticket in a disunited manner? This is just the time for us to rally round this very refined personality; time for all students of history to know what it is to invest in people of reasonable character; time for us to learn about the reward for loyalty, maintenance of dignity and the joy of steadfastness.

This is the pay back period for all those who can not say he has done anything in the party, in their state and in their circle, and we all must remember that no one has done it all.

Let’s begin to carry the cross as Democrats and in togetherness we must prepare to work as a team. Only in doing that we shall tell a good story of how we reciprocate those good gestures of this uncommon personality in our region and in our party…..

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