Bode Obanla Celebrates 55years Birthday Anniversary

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Life’s for the living, just as the birth of a child gives joy and happiness to all and sundry, the grace to live and celebrate birthdays anniversary gives an intense feeling of gratitude laced with happiness and humility.
To many, on the auspicious occasion of their birthday celebration, it’s more than just a mere celebration of a newly added year, it’s a celebration of a victorious life, one that is afforded the opportunity by the Divine to see the years roll by in peace and happiness, with prosperity and blessings. An opportunity which is not afforded to many.
The aforementioned is the exact case of Mr. Bode Obanla, a prominent party chieftain of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) as he celebrates his 55years birthday anniversary on the 9th of January 2021
Recounting his journey through the decades, he stated,” I am constantly thrilled, amazed yet humbled to see how much God loves me for he has indeed blessed me and has continue to bless me in ways beyond my wildest imaginations, it’s like a dream, but now a reality. Growing up was filled with various challenges, many of my contemporaries are long gone, here I am, basking in the blessings of the Divine, it is all thanks for me”.
Mr. Bode Obanla, born on the 9th of January 1966, started his life’s journey from a very humble beginning, one that will later serve as a propelling force which motivated him to take life by the horn, facing its challenges in order to lay a legacies that will cement his name in the sand of time as a good man, a man who loves life, found purpose to becoming a source of blessing to his people
He started his journey from the little town of Auga,Akoko in Akoko North East Local Government of Ondo State, where he had his years of both primary and secondary school education.
Bode Obanla holds a masters degree in Public Administration (MPA).He started his journey into politics at a very tender age not minding his status as he believes that government is meant for all and politics is a good platform to ensuring the full participation of everyone in politics
Generally noted by all as a man of principle, he voluntarily retired from the civil service of Ondo State in 2007. After which he held some positions in Local and state government. He was a member of the Board of management of Usmani Dan Fodiyo University Teaching Hospital Sokoto UDUTH. He’s an astute politician and leader of repute in the Peoples Democratic Party PDP.
He once contested to represent his people of his federal constituency before the coming into power of the former Governor of Ondo State, Dr. Olusegun Mimiko. He’s the founder and innitiator of PDP Support Group that revamped PDP after the 2016 gubernatorial Election in Ondo State. He’s married with Children.

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