Otunba Adewale Moses Osinubi :A Product of Grace

Hard work is not only a virtue worthy of emulation, but an attribute that can pave way for success. Hard work alone may often times not guaranteed success if not accompanied by the grace of God. Nevertheless, faith without work is dead, so admonishes the holy Bible. Otunba Adewale Moses Osinubi is a good case study of how hard work and creative powers got combined with the grace of God for his attainment of success. He was not born with a silver spoon, but his very clear vision right from young age has made success a must for him.

Wesco as he is popularly known was born in Benin city into the family of Mr Theophilous Adenuga Osinubi, who is now of blessed memory and Mrs Adijat Osinubi who both hailed from Omu-Ijebu in present day Ogun state. He confessed to imbibing the good virtues of honesty, hard work and forthrightness from his parents. Barrister Osinubi had his elementary education at Oluwa Primary School in Benin City and proceeded to Edo State College Benin City for his secondary school education. He afterwards attended Ogun State University, at Ago-Iwoye where he graduated with B.A degree in Philosophy. Wesco later proceeded to the University of Benin where he studied Law and obtained a B.L degree. He subsequently attended the Nigerian Law School in Victoria Island, Lagos and was called to the Bar in 2007.

Despite the fact of being armed with two university degrees, Otunba Osinubi refused to join the bandwagon of graduates searching for elusive white collar jobs. He is today the Chief Executive Officer of Wesco Pools and Lottery, but is worth mentioning that he started his work career as a pool agent. He got subjected to all sorts of degrading insinuations while working as a pool agent due to his educational qualifications. But Osinubi grew a very thick skin to absorb the insults and forged ahead in his March towards the path of self independence and material abundance.

Otunba Adewale established his own pool business and added value to it with the knowledge he had acquired in school. He likewise brought innovation into it and the business took a better turn within a period of six years by growing in leap and bound. He however, ventured into into the sales of alcoholic drinks in cartons. He was later attached to a major distributor through whom he was able to secure credit facilities. The good money began to roll in afterwards according to him. Business vision of Osinubi became broadened with his vigorous pursuit of distributorship license and promoter license at the same time. As luck would have it, the promoter license came out first and had no choice than to abandon his thriving beer business. The license for WESCO Pools and Lottery was granted by the Edo State government in 2004 while he started the lottery four years later. He is of the view that Nigeria is a developing nation that is really trying to imbibe the styles and ideas of the Western World. He however described the lotto as a
world concept which the elites that have traveled abroad tried to introduce to the youths when they come back. And the youths by virtue of their interests feel they too can make money from it.

Osinubi also describes lotto as a major income source for governments world over. He was categorical that not less than 50% of yearly income of Ghana comes from the lotto industry. He further posited that the youths are very much involved by virtue of the fact that they are gainfully employed by it while they also make money through it. Otunba Osinubi clarified that the elderly nowadays take more to the pools (coupon) than lotto, while the youths prefer lotto because of the very high dividends of N240 to N1. He informed that the incentive of high dividend encourages the youths to continue to play even after they might have won.

Osinubi emphasized that lotto business is not meant for every Dick, Tom and Harry. He said the business is meant for only those who have financial war chest and those that are destined for it. He sounded philosophical that anyone that rushes into business will equally exit hurriedly even if the person controls keys to the vault of ventral Bank. The WESCO boss declared that it requires great ability to cope in the business by the time the winnings come. He gave an example of a prominent rich man that ventured into the business and had to pull out within three months. Osinubi reiterated that not everyone with financial muscle is destined to be a promoter.

Barrister Adewale Osinubi was recently honoured with a traditional chieftancy title of Otunba of Omu-Ijebu in recognition of his selfless contributions and development of the community. The tittle was basically in appreciation of his supports to the community in terms of advice, scholarships and accommodation he provided for the students of Tai Solarin College of Education, Omu-Ijebu where he had constructed a six room hostel for the students. Barrister Osinubi is the Patron of Ogun State Students Association, University of Benin chapter. This honour was borne out of the relentless assistance of Osinubi to the students in payment of their school fees and support given during their cultural day. He has always shouldered the cost implications of their general entertainment during such events.

Despite the very busy schedules of Otunba Osinubi, he still create time for relaxation with his family. After all, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. The best relaxation time for the. lottery guru is when he is in the church. He also unwind by watching movies and listening to news.

Osinubi is no doubt a highly trendy person who loves to dress according to the dictate of the time and a given occasion. He is of the opinion that fashionable persons will simply form a mindset about individuals through what they wear and the cars they ride. He is humility personified
and very much loves likes people with humble dispositions. Otunba Osinubi loves pounded yam and egusi soup; which is his is his favourite delicacy.
Many happy returns to a great man of many interesting parts and lucrative ideas.

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