Yinka Tunji-ojo: God’s Faithfulness In The Life of A Virtuous Woman : Happy Birthday Tribute To Yinka Tunji-Ojo

By TRIANGLE News Media

The book of Daniel 11:32 is a verse of the Holy Bible that succinctly captures everything about the life of Mrs Yinka Tunji-Ojo. The verse says, “Those that know their God shall be strong and do exploits”. Virtually everything in the Tunji-Ojo’s family clearly points at exploits and divine strength.

The life of Yinka Tunji-Ojo represents an evidential encapsulation of the physical demonstration of God’s faithfulness in diverse ways. It could be said that God has been too partially on her side. And for this reason, she appears to always attain success at ease simply because God has been on her side.

The Oyin Akoko born Yinka Tunji-Ojo is without doubt an exceptionally brilliant person who is also very gifted in having an eye for details and problem solving. She is well known for her multitasking ability. She is equally respected for being proactive in decision taking. Tunji-Ojo is also quite popular for her uncommon skills in business and leadership. Above all, everyone that has had any dealing with Yinka would readily vouch for her integrity, honesty and firmness which speak volume about her Christian faith.

A Yoruba adage which says that a brave tiger cannot procreate a timid cub has also found multiple fulfilments in the life of Yinka Tunji-Ojo. The Bayero University trained accountant may not have gotten many biological children, but her only son has turned to be one child that is truly worth more than a million.She also has many successful adopted and spiritual children. It is gratifying that Yinka can readily be described as very successful woman by any measure of standard.

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  1. She is a woman rare to come by. A confident Professional Accountant, a woman of uncommon integrity, a staunch Administrator enviable Trainer an a true Ambassador of Christ. I wish you long life in good health and all-round prosperity.

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