International Pharmaceutical Federation reveals Intervention on Provisional Agenda on Covid-19 Response

The International Pharmaceutical Federation has stated it’s intervention on Provisional Agenda on Covid-19 Response, this was revealed through its speaker Ms. Zuzana Kusynova.

According to the  provisional agenda, the international Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) which represents over Four Million Pharmacists worldwide stated that Community Pharmacies have remained open to provide essential services throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, ensuring access to medicines and personal protective equipment and providing evidence based advice their communities.

It also stated that with Covid-19 vaccines being given regulatory approval, it is vital for all countries to expand their vaccination pathway in order to deliver immunization coverage as quickly as possible. The FIP in the light of this urged all policy makers to enact the enabling legislation to allow Pharmacists to prescribe and administer vaccines.

According to the release, ” Covid-19  diagnostic testing remains an important aspect in controlling this pandemic, it should be conducted by trained healthcare professionals with the appropriate skills to perform the test, interpret and advise on appropriate action.

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