Yorubaland: Time to RESTRUCTURE Self

We know much details of restructuring but have never quite restructured our own structures in Yorubaland. It is not too late.

Currently, Yoruba people are faced with multiple challenges which may adversely affect the Yoruba nation. That these have crept in steadily over a long period is no longer the point now that the core is being threatened.

Yoruba leaders, drivers and strong believers should come together urgently to consider restructuring of the strategies and operations in the land to streamline and coordinate our diverse thoughts, actions, information networks, energies and resources to combat the current challenges and associated dangers.

▪️It is no time to denigrate or attack Elders, Leaders, Governors, Obas, local champions or the thinkers in Yorubaland.
▪️It is no time for self-agrandisement, sycopancy, bravado or delusion.

▪️It is time for coordinating & pooling resources.
▪️It is time for well integrated and coordinated action plans.

Dr. Olu Agunloye.
23 January 2021

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