Resident Lament Bad State of Roads in Akungba-Akoko

Residents of Akungba Akoko, Ondo State are lamenting over the poor state of their roads.

Akungba Akoko is the host Community of the Adekunle Ajasin University;
the dilapidated state of the roads has brought disquiet among residents and motorists blaming the governments on their poor state.

The bad state of the road, especially the one outside the university main gate in recent times has led to the record of various accidents which has resulted in the death of many indigenes of the community, students and road users.

In separate interviews with residents of the community, the residents called on the Ondo State government to repair the roads.

According to most of the residents, the roads within the city are dilapidated, abandoned; they explained that the state government on various occasion announced that motion has been passed by Lawmakers in the state to rehabilitate the road, however nothing has ever been done to repair these roads.

Another resident who pleaded anonymity stated,” We not only put the life of those who ply this road at risk, we also endanger the lives of our children who are schooling in Akungba; we must fic this to avoid future occurrence of road accidents”

Also, Rt Taofiq Olawale Abdulsalam Alada who was the commissioner of works under the Akeredolu led administration stated that it’s important that the state government as a matter of urgency see to it that the road is fixed.

According to him,” I once moved a motion in the House of Assembly for a complete revamp of this road and that the School Main gate be relocated to the permanent Site which was unanimously passed by the House to the then Governor of Ondo State, Dr Olusegun Agagun, it’s quite displeasing to eventually realised that nothing has been done regarding this ever since”

The lives of these students and people living in this community matters and we must do all within our reach to ensure that they are safe and well protected

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