Though Baba died of a ripe age, yet I received the news of his demise this afternoon with the rudest shock. Alhaji Lateef Kayode Jakande died a colossus, a political avatar whose style of governance as the then Governor of Lagos State is not only unprecedented but also yet to be unrivaled by any government in Nigeria including the Federal Government. As a young lad in the 80’s I was a beneficiary of the free education and other laudable party programs propounded by Chief Obafemi Awolowo but aggressively promoted and implemented by Late Jakande. His approach to quality and free education is so laudable that people moved their wards from other states to Lagos; I narrowly escaped same.Everything he touched is not only unparalleled but also humungous and unbroken. It is on record that Late Jakande built the largest and unparalleled mass housing both for the elites and the commons. What stood him out like a rock of Gibraltar is his unflinching loyalty to his political ideology, principle and humanity. Alhaji Jakande demonstrated that governance is truly for the people without discounting the elites and the administrative style impacted on every side of the divide including inter party level is a reflection of his status as the compass of good governance and true leadership which endeared me to him. Truly the progressive family has lost of one its scion!Adieu Baba KékeréSir. Kayode Ajulo, PhDCastle of Law, Abuja11th February, 2021

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