Senator Tolu Odebiyi Condemns Rising State of Insecurity in Nigeria

Senator Tolu Odebiyi, Federal Lawmaker representing Ogun West Senatorial, has lended his voice to condemn the growing rate of insecurities across the 36 states of the Federation.He stated these on Wednesday during an extensive debate on a motion by the Deputy Senate Leader , Ajayi Boroffice, on the growing insecurity in all parts of the country .Senator Tolu Odebiyi said the ban on open grazing would prevent incessant clashes between farmers and herdsmen.He said, “ I completely support a total ban on open grazing and its replacement with ranching system which is a modern practice all over the World .“ We have a national crisis on our hands . It is a national crisis that has been devoid of leadership politically and morally.“ We must see it the way it is . Between May 2017 and May 2020 , there have been 624 attacks, 2 , 239 killed, 393 wounded , 253 kidnapped , 16 raped and 752 homes destroyed .“ That is an analysis done by a research firm in Brussels on what is happening in this country .“ I have listened and for us to be saying that they ( bandits / herders) are not Nigerians , that is an indictment on our leadership .“ That people are coming into this country and they are maiming our people , killing our people , they are raping our people and these are the same security people that we are now going to promote to be ambassadors of this country .“ It is an indictment and it is not acceptable . I represent a community that borders some countries , I went there over the weekend and the whole place has been destroyed by all these herdsmen.“ People ’ s earnings , people ’ s lives have been ruined. It is upsetting and we must rise . This country is on a precipice of a civil war .”

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