Dr. Kayode Ajulo in a phone interview in reaction the former Ondo State AG, Charle Titiloye’s response to his position on the investigation of the allegations of misconduct or abuse of authority against the Chief Judge of Ondo State by the erstwhile Attorney-General of the State has started that he find it altogether curious that his learned friend has completely ignored the issues raised in his earlier position and went on a wild goose chase to justify what is clearly a hurriedly packaged report which sole purpose is to be slightly shy of indicting the CJ.

Dr. Ajulo state that “I have nothing personal against him, in fact he was the first person I called on my arrival in Akure when the Video was made public”

He started further “Charles merely begged the question. He is silent on all the issues raised except that he signed the statement at 9am. However, I have it the Permanent Secretary on record feigning ignorance of the report the next day when the signed copy of the so-called report was sought.”

He said “If a comprehensive enquiry is to commence on this many revelations will emerge as to the exact time when the report was made and nolle produced”

The legal luminary also maintains that “It is curious that the AG does not realize that he has absolutely no power to investigate a sitting Chief Judge and most certainly does not have the power of referral to the House of Assembly. Moreover, he has shown a curious ignorance of what in law amounts to a fair hearing.”

On the testimony of the Chief Registrar, Ajulo asked “Did the Chief Registrar produce a written power of attorney from the Chief Judge to grant her power to represent the Chief Judge? I bet not. He asked again “is saying that the Chief Registrar is now a member of Fagboyegun’s family?

Ajulo explained further “is it not curious that despite the fact that the so called delay of the trial was not deliberate but occassioned in part by the acts of the accused, an Act of God (COVID-19 Pandemic) as well as routine transfers of magistrates in the Judiciary, the AG made heavy weather of the length of the trial as if Pelumi’s case is the only one that has suffered that kind of faith in the Ondo Judiciary”

“He went to great pains to justify the Nolle Prosequi that he entered and seems to deem it a matter of public interest and therefore for the public good. The Ondo Public must have little else to do if they consider a routine trial as their ideal matter of public interest. I am of the opinion that he has justified nothing. The public should be concerned at the obvious lies peddled by the Pelumi in his video particularly the claim that he had been in detention for three years and that his travelling documents were seized by the Court when it became obvious that at no time was he detained and neither were his travelling documents seized.”

He also asked several questions; “Which public interest has been served? How was the trial delayed? By whom? At whose instance? Is it of no moment that the accused has been away from his own trial several times? Aren’t there other cases in the docket that have also suffered delays?

He also proffer some words of advice for the former AG “These are issues the Attorney General should have averted his mind to before entering his infamous Nolle. Methinks, our Mr Attorney-General is merely being clever by half, if you ask me.
Even from this response, he has definitely prejudged the matter against the CJ. Referring the matter to the House was ridiculous. Still is. Moreover, has he not himself concluded the matter by entering a nolle? What is he trying to achieve by referring the matter to the House of Assembly? Is he trying to activate Section 292 of the 1999 Constitution which deals with removal of Judges? How do you begin to justify that? One cannot but wonder why he chooses to refer to a man who is yet to prove his claimed paternity and whose paternity is still in dispute as the CJ’s half-brother! The Attorney-General did not fail to show his bias as he has unilaterally determined the man’s paternity.“

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