Everyone agreed that he is doing exceedingly well. The love they have for him further confirms the above.

The exploits of Sen. Tolu Odebiyi, Senator representing Ogun West Senatorial District is a major reason why people are changing their mentality or negative notions about politicians in Nigeria.

Invariably, it is not an overstatement to claim that TOD, as he is otherwise known, is presently one of the most sought after Senators in Nigeria today, on account of his well publicised good works and visibility. His media team devotes attention and time to him because of the flurry of projects and social intervention programmes he is executing in his Senatorial District.

The Ogun West Senator is busy transforming Ogun West, rebuilding the confidence of the people and reviving the education sector in his beloved Senatorial District. Things are looking up again for the people due to his resilience and his genuine sense of vigour.

He is a key figure who has never fallen short of expectations from the people, especially when issue of his people’s welfare is brought to the fore.

Talking about resilience and keeping promises, the Senator made history when he matched his rhetoric with action. The history was made in Moro, a rustic town in Yewa North Local Government Area of Ogun State. For a century, Moro town was without water. No water facility was in existence, the magnitude of suffering on account of lack of water is better imagined than experienced, the drought in the town was inconceivable. It was harrowing. That was the sad story emanating from Moro. Until, by divine providence God brought Sen. Tolu Odebiyi who brightened their faces with the construction of water projects in the town. Moro indeed got a makeover from Sen. Odebiyi.

Understanding that the future of Nigeria is in the Youths, the Senator under his TOD Foundation gave scholarship awards and laptops to each of the over 50 Ogun West Students in Tertiary institutions in Nigeria. He has done this for two academic years running.

This is also part of his desire to help build better future leaders.

He has also built a befitting and well equipped ICT centre, rehabilitated Boys and girls’ hostels and classrooms with generator at the Egbado College, Ilaro, a legacy college for the Yewa people.

These investments in education has further announced him as a great Senator who has taken Ogun State by storm.

It was Maria Montessori that said, ‘Education trains, moulds and builds individuals that will serve as future leaders through effective and qualitative teaching and mentoring towards better and vibrant nation’. This is also why a Sen. Tolu Odebiyi being a serious Senator is striving to build a serious society with education as his top priority.

The Social Investment programme (Survival fund) has also gained so much traction. Sen. Tolu Odebiyi harnessed and aggregated the opportunities for the good people of Ogun West in order to cushion the impact of COVID-19 pandemic on small businesses.

The Senator will not be distracted from his stated focus, which is to promote and deliver good governance to the people of Ogun West.

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