Doyin Okupe Raises Alarm, “2023 General Election Under Threat”

Dr. Doyin Okupe has expressed his concern over the conduct of the next general election in Nigeria, according to him,” Our Collective National Aspiration for a Political Process that will lead to schedule elections in 2023 has come under a very serious and compelling threat due to the prevalence of some issues which has been greatly troubling the nation.

Highlighting the challenges, he stated that the increasing high rate of national insecurity; Pervasive and Palpable intra ethnic hatred and the Growing popular demands and sustained agitations for self rule are factors which have attained a very significant and commanding stature in the Nation’s polity, such that they have now assumed preeminence over all other National concern.

He urged the al major stakeholders in the Country to urgently pay attention to these numerous issues and find a lasting solution to them before they consume the entire nation.

He so enjoined the major Political Parties in the Nation to stop playing the Ostrich game and begin to act responsibly by taking the front line position in finding solutions to intricate national problems.

Further more, he explained that the Federal Government must resist the temptation to dismiss agitators for self rule as trouble makers or rabble rousers.

According to him, ” What we need at this stage is to avoid further deaths, killings and bloodshed. Any actions or inactions that can lead to civil war must be cautiously and consciously avoided.”

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