Insecurity: Military Coup not an option, Yoruba Nation Global Directorate Warns

A group, Yoruba Nation Global Directorate(YNGD) on Thursday warned Nigerian military not to give any consideration to the bait of taking over governance in Nigeria.

It said the concept would be counter-productive and would not stop the Yoruba from quitting the Nigerian federation.

A statement issued by the group’s Director, Princess Adeola Atayero Olamijulo said ‘it is no longer fashionable for the military to take over democratically elected government as it shows crass incivility and crudeness.”

She said ‘Yoruba people must be allowed to vent their views as enshrined in international conventions including the right to self-determination.’

The statement stressed that Yoruba people and other ethnic nationalities will resist such move in accordance with their rights under international laws and conventions.

It said President Muhammadu Buhari’s attempt to persuade Yoruba people to accept restructuring which his Fulani oligarchy has been rejecting for the past 35 years is highly repulsive.

The statement said” Most especially now that the Yoruba people including other ethnic nationalities have prepared themselves for self-determination with all the paraphernalia of statehood”

Olamijulo observed that Northerners appear to just be waking up to the reality saying “If the military rolls out their tanks the masses from the ethnic nationalities will resist their usurpation.

According to the statement” majority of the coup plotters will rot and die in jail for every blood of nationalists lost in their usual misadventure should the aforementioned happened.”

The group went down the memory lane and recalled that apart from the Ironsi-sponsored coup of 1966 in Nigeria, all successive coups had always been led by the Northern soldiers.

It said “In those coups, the Fulani politicians had always been treated with kids’ gloves while other politicians are subjected to inhuman treatments, bogus trials, incarcerations and sometimes execution at the firing squad.

The group warned that time has changed, that the military will be taught civility if they attempt to dabble into self-determination business that does not concern them.

It cautioned that If the military are thirsty for power, they should go to Maiduguri Forests to fight the Boko Haram and the marauding herders killing, maiming, raping and kidnapping girls and women all over the southwest.

The Directorate called on all the ethnic nationalities within Nigeria to be prepared to resist the Nigerian military in case the Northern politicians at the tip of their egos instigate them to take over the governance of Nigeria with the view to suppressing the self-determination efforts of the ethnic nationalities.


3 Replies to “Insecurity: Military Coup not an option, Yoruba Nation Global Directorate Warns”

  1. They wanted to start the problems they will not like to see.
    We can not be intimidated any more. At 2021 centuries planing for coup?
    It is high time for traditional people to stand firm .
    The Northerners wanted to fight because of our resources, but if it otherwise they would have agreed to self-determination. We need to rise up to this challenges
    This is simple fact. We can not be intimidated anymore.

  2. We don’t want restructuring we all need YORUBA Nation Now please otoge, we need Yoruba Referendum now

  3. Any efforts or attempts by the military to overthrow Nigeria’s government should be tackled and create our boundaries Immediately, we can’t be living like slaves on our ancestral land, British should back off and stop instigating fulani to destroy our land in their own favour

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